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(How Could He Possibly Ever Deserve the Chance the Meet Me?)

Regarding this point, Han Zhuoli was also very confident in Lu Man.

He pulled Lu Man into his embrace. “I definitely won’t let you suffer like that.”

Even if Lu Man didn’t take it to heart, she was still bullied in this situation.

How could Han Zhuoli let this go just like that?

He gave a call to Zheng Tianming. “Go and check if there is anyone who has some connection with Liang Chengbing among the organizers in the Fei Yue International Film Festival, or anyone whom he is close to. Yan Zhiqing, Sun Yiwu, and Ji Cheng have complained to the organizers that Liang Chengbing was an unfair judge, so Liang Chengbing must have reacted to it. Go and find out who he contacted.”

After he hung up the call, Lu Man said to him, “You can fight against Liang Chengbing, but I also won’t let him off. I can accept the results, but it’s a totally different story when he plots against me like this.”

Han Zhuoli pinched her cheeks. “I just know that that’s your temper. Go ahead and do whatever you want.”

As usual, Zheng Tianming was really efficient.

Not long after, Zheng Tianming had finished investigating thoroughly and replied to Han Zhuoli.

“Liang Chengbing has a pretty decent relationship with Executive Dong among the organizers. Their relationship is such that if he gave enough benefit to him, Executive Dong would be willing to help him,” Zheng Tianming said. “Today, Executive Dong has made a reservation under his name for a private suite in the Chinese restaurant in Sheng Yue.

“Executive Dong’s schedule tonight coincidentally has Sheng Yue in it. I’m guessing that the person Liang Chengbing is meeting at Sheng Yue tonight is precisely Executive Dong.

“Besides that, the chairman of the executive team among the organizers is also scheduled to head to Sheng Yue tonight. Perhaps Executive Dong is trying to pull some strings between the two of them.”

“Do you have anything else scheduled tonight?” Han Zhuoli asked.

Zheng Tianming immediately understood Han Zhuoli’s intentions. “No, I don’t.”

“Come along with me to Sheng Yue tonight,” Han Zhuoli said.


After he hung up the call, Lu Man asked him, “Are you going to meet Liang Chengbing?”

“Not really, but he will just be right there. Even if he didn’t want to meet me, he could still see me. If not, how could he possibly ever deserve the chance to meet me?” Han Zhuoli gently tucked Lu Man’s hair behind her ear out of habit.

He really enjoyed doing that, such that Lu Man’s ears would peek out from her hair.

Her ear was really beautiful. It wasn’t too big nor too small, and neither was it protruding too far out. She even had a really pretty earlobe.

The pad of Han Zhuoli’s finger gently pressed her earlobe. “My woman was bullied by other people. I’m very unhappy.”

He didn’t put any strength to it, but Lu Man’s earlobe still flushed red.

Not because of him pinching, but because his finger just kept caressing her earlobe over and over again.

The skin on her earlobe was exceptionally thin and soft, almost like a baby’s.

Comparatively, his finger was much rougher. His rubbing on her earlobe felt like electricity. The skin on her earlobe trembled lightly, a numb yet warm feeling spreading from her earlobe all the way to the tip of her ear, then spreading all the way down to her neck.

She felt that from the side of her neck to the back of it, and all the way down to her spine, it was numb yet tingly.

Han Zhuoli’s finger gradually became warmer and Lu Man started shuddering in the heat.

Unconsciously, her hands landed on his chest for support. Locked in his arms, she appeared even more delicate.

Han Zhuoli could embrace her with just one arm.

His gaze fell on her slightly pink ear lobe. Unable to hold back, he lowered his head and pecked at her earlobe, over and over again.

Trailing from her earlobe, he unconsciously started kissing her down her neck.

His hot yet soft lips gently made their marks along the side of her neck. The skin there was burning hot and red.

His lips pressed against her skin as the tip of his nose rubbed against it. His burning warmth brought out all of the beautiful fragrance from her skin.


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