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(Tell on Someone)

“Actually, we’ve only just gotten to know each other a few days ago. I’ve just come back after filming overseas. My brother and Big Brother Han and the others came to welcome me back, and that was when I was introduced to Lu Man. Lu Man is Big Brother Han’s wife, so naturally, she’s one of us. During such situations, I definitely have to help her.” Yan Zhiqing revealed the truth without fear.

“Even though I was filming overseas, I still closely follow the news in China. I know that the two of you are close to Lu Man, so that’s why I dared to ask you to discuss this issue.”

“I think that Liang Chengbing will be most concerned about the Best Director and Best Film awards for his Sounds of Winter. Best Male and Female Lead, and Best Supporting Male and Female Leads wouldn’t have much to do with him. However, if they were to be nominated for those awards, it will help Sounds of Winter gain some exposure too. Still, we can’t veto that many awards with just our three votes.”

“So then, let’s start from the Best Director and Best Film awards,” Yan Zhiqing said coldly. “Liang Chengbing was so shameless towards us, so let’s be shameless towards him too.”

“Since even if his film gets nominated, he won’t be awarded either.” Ji Cheng scoffed. “We all know full well what that cr*p is worth. This incident aside, they nominated him only because he is a judge and also because of his long years of experience.”

After deciding on this matter, the three of them then discussed how to give feedback to the organizers.

Finally, the three of them headed up directly to the office of the organizers.

The three of them had gone there personally. No matter what decision the organizers finally make, they would at least treat it more seriously.

Given that the three of them came to give feedback, the head of the committee of the film festival’s organizing team personally came to speak with them, indicated that they would definitely treat it seriously.

However, based on the other party’s reaction, Yan Zhiqing still felt that they had still made a wasted trip.

After parting with Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng, Yan Zhiqing gave a call to Han Zhuoli.

She told Han Zhuoli about this situation. “We can’t guarantee that we can kick Liang Chengbing out. Who knew that Liang Chengbing would be so shameless? Lu Man couldn’t keep her nomination for Best Female Lead because indeed Lu Man’s role in Red Tiger was not very advantageous. However, for Best Supporting Female Lead, let alone getting nominated, she is even a strong contender to win the award. Liang Chengbing chose to use his veto right on the Best Supporting Female Lead nomination precisely because he knew this. It’s such a pity for Lu Man.”

Yan Zhiqing felt exceptionally regretful.

As a judge, she naturally respected her taste and identity.

She wanted good actors to stand out and receive the awards that they deserve.

And among the list of candidates fighting for Best Supporting Female Lead, Lu Man was one of the strongest contenders. It was hard to say between her and someone else who might finally win the award.

Even if Lu Man won Best Supporting Female Lead, it would be what she deserved and there would be nothing surprising about it.

However, because of this Liang Chengbing’s personal grudges, everything was ruined!

Lu Man had lost such a good opportunity.

A rare chance like this was something you can only wish to get.

From the script to the director’s skills to the quality of the film, and even down to the reputation of the film, everything mattered.

Because no matter how good your acting skills were, without those conditions above, you wouldn’t be able to make it either.

It was so rare for all those criteria to have been fulfilled. There was Sun Yiwu, a director who had never once had a bad film, and Greedy Wolf Operation, a film with a great box office and amazing reputation, outstanding acting skills, and a character that was memorable.

Yet, everything was ruined by Liang Chengbing.

The result that was out couldn’t be changed. Han Zhuoli didn’t say a word.

Despite not hearing a reply through the phone, Yan Zhiqing could feel Han Zhuoli’s anger.

“However, there is still the Best Newcomer Award,” Han Zhuoli said.


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