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(Had the Same Thought Without Discussing)

“That’s ok, I can use this period of time to properly analyze those major works some more,” Gao Zishan said.

While the nominations for many awards had not been decided, there were a few that a lot of people were cheering for. It wasn’t certain whether or not they would finally win the award, but they will definitely receive a nomination.

If nothing went wrong among the judges during the judging, then they would definitely be nominated.

As this was an international film festival, there would naturally be many films from all over the world.

Those films would be vying for those major awards like Best Foreign Film, Best Director, Best Film, Best Male Lead, Best Female Lead, Best Supporting Male Lead, and Best Supporting Female Lead.

All these awards required watching and rewatching the film and the actors’ performances many times for one to make a decision.

“We will do the same too,” Dong Qinrong and Cao Jingcheng expressed.

The three of them decided to wait for the notice. Then, they left.

Yan Zhiqing smiled and said, “Director Sun, Director Ji, shall we find a place to sit down?”

“I had the exact same thoughts.” Sun Yiwu smiled and nodded.

The three of them found a cafe with a private booth where no one could disturb them.

“What do you two think about this incident with Liang Chengbing?” Yan Zhiqing asked. “Let me say my opinions first. Even if we reflect this situation up to the organizers, let’s put aside whether or not the organizers would remove Liang Chengbing from the team. Such official decisions often have much red-tape and will take a long time. By the time they make a decision, we still don’t know how long we will have to wait. If this continues dragging on, our judging work will really be delayed. Perhaps even right before the start of the film festival, they still might not have come to a decision.”

“This is indeed the tricks that the official organizers would pull.” Ji Cheng nodded. He understood it very well.

“Besides, to be honest, everyone is in this industry. I’ve been in this industry for a short time, but Liang Chengbing has been around for quite long, so he definitely has some personal connections. He definitely knows someone among the organizers. When the time comes, there could be some happenings going on internally among the organizers, and perhaps this incident will just be brushed aside and forgotten and not be resolved,” Yan Zhiqing said. “My point is, we should still reflect the situation up to them, but we still have to plan ahead just in case the organizers do nothing, such that in the upcoming judging work, if Liang Chengbing is still in the mix causing trouble, we would know how to handle it.”

Sun Yiwu nodded. “I was thinking the same too.”

Sun Yiwu couldn’t help but feel comfortable immediately.

Yan Zhiqing was thinking very clearly; she knew what was up.

He felt that interacting with Yan Zhiqing almost felt like he was interacting with Lu Man.

This was the feeling of interacting with intelligent people. It was very comfortable.

No matter what the matter was, everyone had thought it through clearly already. They didn’t have to waste more time and energy to explain to the other party.

If the other people didn’t understand you, you’d still have to open it up and break it down into pieces to let the other party understand.

Sun Yiwu couldn’t help but think that those from the Eight Great Families were indeed different.

Usually, he had never heard anything special about Yan Zhiqing.

Even just a few years ago, Yan Zhiqing had been known for being stubborn. This made it very easy for other people to underestimate her.

They felt that she only had a pretty face and relied on her family, but she alone couldn’t do much.

But right now, from the looks of it, that wasn’t the case at all!

A lot of people had belittled Yan Zhiqing.

Sun Yiwu thought for a while. Yan Zhiqing didn’t have to personally suggest certain things.

He then said, “Even if the organizers do nothing and our judging continues, each of us still has one override vote in our hands.”

As expected, he had the same thought as Yan Zhiqing even without discussing it with her.

Yan Zhiqing smiled and said, “I didn’t choose to discuss with Gao Zishan and the others and chose the two of you instead. As expected, I didn’t trust the wrong people.”

“Hahahaha!” Ji Cheng said. “I could tell too. You must have a pretty good relationship with Lu Man, right?”


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