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(Wait for the Results)

Among the judges, Sun Yiwu had the most powerful voice.

Therefore, it was only most appropriate for Sun Yiwu to say something like that.

However, Liang Chengbing was unhappy. “Wouldn’t that be such a waste of time? There are still all sorts of awards that we will have to continue deciding on, right? It has only been such a short time but we have to stop here? All of our time is so precious. Let alone us, the major awards from the film festival will have to be revealed on time too. If this continues, what if we cannot finish judging all the awards in time?”

Ji Cheng said coldly, “Oh, so now you’re thinking about how important the judging is? Because of your own selfishness, you used your professional privilege for the wrong means, and now you still have the cheek to question why it has to stop?”

Liang Chengbing slammed the table angrily and stood up. “What do you mean by using my professional privilege for the wrong means? I’m just using my right as judge legally!”

Yan Zhiqing laughed coldly. “Alright, I will report this word for word to the organizers!”

“We will also give feedback accordingly to them,” Ji Cheng said.

“Ha!” Liang Chengbing behaved like he wasn’t afraid at all. “Just because of that Lu Man? You guys say that I’m not being fair, but are you guys being fair? All of you are in good relations with Lu Man, so you want her to be nominated. But does Lu Man really deserve it? There are plenty of people who are better than her!”

Yan Zhiqing’s eyes narrowed and she said coldly, “We felt that you were right and logical about Lu Man’s Best Female Lead nomination, so we rejected her. You are still saying that we are being unfair?”

“Never mind, Zhiqing,” Sun Yiwu said.

Liang Chengbing raised his eyebrows. He thought that Sun Yiwu felt guilty and was backing out because of what he said.

Yet right after that, Sun Yiwu continued, “There’s no point wasting your energy on him. Just tell the organizers everything honestly as it is, let the organizers make their own judgment.”

Sun Yiwu then asked Gao Zishan and the others, “Zishan, Xiao Dong, Jingcheng, what do you guys think?”

“I have nothing against it.” Cao Jingcheng stood up. “I also feel that it’s not quite right. We should just stop here for today’s judging.”

Gao Zishan stood up as well. “I agree with Director Sun.”

Gao Zishan agreed that it was important to be fair with the judging. However, other than that, she still wanted to continue expanding her career in this industry, so she naturally had her own considerations.

Among Sun Yiwu, Ji Cheng, and Liang Chengbing, if she had to pick one person to offend, she would naturally pick Liang Chengbing.

Moreover, there was Yan Zhiqing’s background to consider.

If she chose to stand on the same side as Yan Zhiqing, there was nothing wrong with that.

Since the other two had already stated their views, Dong Qinrong also didn’t have any other choice. Hence, she followed Gao Zishan and Cao Jingcheng’s choice and stood up, saying, “I think that what Director Sun said makes sense.”

Seeing that there was no one standing on his side, Liang Chengbing nodded his head over and over in anger. “Alright, alright, alright, then! Let us just wait for the results, then!”

After that, Liang Chengbing strode out of the office.

In the office, he spoke so confidently and assuredly, but the moment he stepped into the car, he immediately called Executive Dong from the organizers of the film festival. “Mr. Dong, I’m Liang Chengbing.”

In the office, Gao Zishan first expressed, “I judge purely based on the work and from the acting skills. I’ll never bring in any personal feelings. I’ll continue doing so for the rest of the judging and would not particularly side with any party.”

“I can trust you guys.” Sun Yiwu nodded. “When we have to avoid trouble, we will all do the same.”

Gao Zishan nodded and smiled lightly. “Then I’ll be making a move first. Will we be continuing once the results are out, or will we be continuing tomorrow?”

“Wait for my notice. I’ll rush the organizers to give us a reply as soon as possible,” Sun Yiwu said. “However, we’ve wasted some time because of this, so we might have to work overtime in the future. It will be a bit more difficult.”


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