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(Use Public Means to Deal with Personal Revenges)

To be honest, there was no one in the industry who would dare to kill off her career.

Among those there, perhaps it was only she who’d dare to fight against Liang Chengbing.

“Liang Chengbing!” Yan Zhiqing directly shouted his entire name.[1] “You’re not being an impartial judge anymore. You’re using public means to deal with your personal grudges! You just don’t want to let Lu Man be nominated, right?”

“Hmph, I’ve really never met someone who is as shameless as you,” Yan Zhiqing said coldly. “For the nomination of Best Female Lead just now, at least there was some logic and proof. However, right now, we’ve all voted for her to pass, but you just want to use one vote to deny her right and eliminate her. Don’t you dare say that it’s because you think she’s not good enough!”

With him getting pointed at the nose and shouted at by Yan Zhiqing, Liang Chengbing’s face turned green. “I do think that she’s not good enough and does not have the right to pass. It’s your matter if you people think that she’s good. Things like this have always been very subjective. Lu Man didn’t meet my standards, so I can’t vote for her. It’s such a pity that all of you have voted for her to pass, but I just can’t let people whom I think are bad to get through.”

Yan Zhiqing’s eyes narrowed. Her lungs were filled with fury from how shameless Liang Chengbing was. “Because you don’t think she’s good, she can’t pass?”

Yan Zhiqing was so angry she laughed sarcastically. “The point of having a group of judges is to prevent a situation where one person’s words goes. Yes, when it comes to judging, the judge’s subjective preferences do come to play, and that’s why we need to have many judges to judge together to prevent one judge from judging purely based on their own preferences. You’re so impressive. If you can just disregard all the other judges’ opinions and only let the people you like to pass, then what’s the point of having the group of us? Why don’t you just judge alone?”

“Yet, you clearly haven’t reached that level yet. You’re not a top director, and neither have you received credibility from the public, yet you think that you can do whatever you want with your own judgment?” Yan Zhiqing mocked bluntly.

Liang Chengbing was extremely furious, but he just didn’t have the ability to offend Yan Zhiqing.

He sat on the chair, acting all cocky and stubborn. “Since the organizers have given me the right to have one chance to override with just my one vote, then I have the right to use it.”

For previous seasons of judges, all of them had one chance to use their vote to override the ruling, but none of them would use it so easily.

This right was not for the judges to use it however they wanted to, but as a precaution for a particular scenario.

That is, when the winner indeed didn’t have the right to win that award but, because of some private reasons, a very unfair situation was created.

When that happens, if there was anyone in the judges who were upright, they could use their one vote to override the decision.

Therefore, this right was left only for when the judges had to use it no matter what, to ensure that the film festival was fair.

“Everyone fully knows what the organizers’ intention for giving us this vote was. It’s not for you to use it so easily and however you want to!” Yan Zhiqing roared furiously.

How did this scum Liang Chengbing sneak his way into the judging team?!

He was only just stirring up trouble!

“I just want to use it now, so what?” Liang Chengbing said unreasonably.

Yan Zhiqing’s eyes narrowed. Hmph, he wanted to play this trick with her?

He just wanted to play this?

As if no one else would!

Liang Chengbing’s film was participating too. She probably doesn’t have much say over the others, but she will at least drag down one of his two nominations of Best Film or Best Director.

Yan Zhiqing secretly observed Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng’s reaction. She felt that the two of them would be willing to help too.

Therefore, in her hand, she could at least make sure that she had three of this special votes.

Yan Zhiqing’s silence misled Liang Chengbing into thinking that Yan Zhiqing felt that she couldn’t do anything, and that only made him even more smug.

Sun Yiwu stood up and said coldly, “I didn’t expect that such a situation would occur in just the first day of judging. Looks like today’s judging can’t continue, so let’s stop here. We still need to discuss how to handle such a situation. If everyone were to mindlessly use the overriding vote, then how could we continue with the rest of the judging? And what is the point of the impartiality of this competition?”

[1] In China, it is quite rude to address someone by their full name.



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