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(The Veto Power of One Vote)

Yan Zhiqing asked, “Why? I watched Lu Man’s performance. She acted very well.”

“However, her performance as the female lead in the film isn’t outstanding enough.” Liang Chengbing explained and reasoned, “Red Tiger was a team performance, so there is no obvious bias towards any of the characters. Every character is a main character. Similarly, this diminishes the spotlight on Lu Man’s female lead role. She did not fully express her character in the film. There are only five spots in the nomination round. There are other actresses who have acted exceptionally well. If we give one spot to Lu Man, that will be too much of a waste. The films that were nominated this time include those that placed emphasis on the female lead and some tearful art films, many of which had the effect of emphasizing the role of the female lead and allowing the actresses to fully unleash their acting skills. I want to leave this chance to other actresses who are more deserving.”

He made it sound so justified and logical that it was impossible for others to say that he was abusing his authority for his own private revenge.

Gao Zishan nodded. “I agree with Director Liang’s view.”

Dong Qinrong said, “I agree too.”

Cao Jingcheng also agreed.

It would be no use even if Yan Zhiqing wanted to choose Lu Man.

In the end, Lu Man did not get nominated for Best Female Lead.

When it came to the voting on the Best Supporting Female Lead, Yan Zhiqing first said, “This time, Director Liang won’t object to nominating Lu Man, right? This is for Supporting Female Lead. Lu Man acted really well in her role as the supporting female lead. Despite being a newcomer, she fully unleashed her acting skills. Furthermore, in the name list this time, the importance allocated to the various actresses’ roles is more or less the same. I have also watched the performance of others. Lu Man is really one of the outstanding ones among them.”

Yan Zhiqing did not try to stand on formalities with Liang Chengbing because of his status as a director and looked at him straight in the eye.

Although Liang Chengbing made it sound so reasonable and justified just now, Yan Zhiqing knew all too clearly that Liang Chengbing was simply abusing his power for his own private revenge.

“I think Lu Man is not bad. I will vote to nominate her for the Best Supporting Female Lead,” Gao Zishan said.

“Lu Man’s performance in the film is really commendable and outstanding. I will cast a vote for her too,” Dong Qinrong said.

Cao Jingcheng also voted for Lu Man.

Whereas Liang Chengbing was purposely picking on Lu Man, the three of them were really looking at things objectively. They were not making things hard for anyone on purpose.

Yan Zhiqing laughed. “I also vote one for Lu Man. In that case, Lu Man will be nominated for Best Supporting Female Lead.”

“Hold up!” Just before Yan Zhiqing was about to announce it, Liang Chengbing cut her off.

Yan Zhiqing’s face hardened. “Director Liang, what other instructions do you have?”

“I won’t dare to give instructions.” Liang Chengbing smirked. He could tell that Yan Zhiqing was on Lu Man’s side.

He did not know why Yan Zhiqing suddenly wanted to help Lu Man.

Could it be that she wanted to side with Lu Man after learning of her status as Wang Juhuai’s daughter?

Was Yan Zhiqing thinking of hitting on Wang Juhuai?

If not that, he really could not fathom why Yan Zhiqing would want to help Lu Man.

These two people had no relation to each other and had probably never worked together before.

“I disagree with nominating Lu Man for Best Supporting Female Lead,” Liang Chengbing said in a gloating manner.

Seeing the disgustingly gloating look on his face made Yan Zhiqing really want to tear it up!

“Director Liang, it doesn’t really matter whether you agree or not this time. I and the other judges have already cast our votes,” Yan Zhiqing reminded him.

“If I remember correctly, each of the judges has one chance to veto the decision of all the judges, right? I am exercising my right to veto now. I want to remove Lu Man’s nomination,” Liang Chengbing said smugly.

Yan Zhiqing did not even try to put up with Liang Chengbing. She was probably not scared of Liang Chengbing at all.



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