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(The Judges)

Actually, both Lu Dongliu and Lu Man knew that despite Wang Juhuai’s reputation, his fame did not have a strong foundation in the country’s entertainment industry.

There were many things that Wang Juhuai could not do as well.

But he could still help out a little.

“You’re being too polite,” Lu Man said. “Alright, I will keep your words to heart.”

“Great,” Lu Dongliu replied jovially and ended the call.

On the other side, Wang Juhuai also finished exchanging formalities with Chief Lu.

Lu Man said, “Dad, this is all thanks to you this time.”

“If you have any more of these things next time, don’t hesitate to ask me,” Wang Juhuai said happily.

Lu Man laughed as she said, “Alright, but I can’t let you show your face too often or you won’t be mysterious anymore.”

At this moment, the official Weibo account of Classic X Files published the viewership ratings for the finale episode last night. There was even a screenshot of the online viewership ratings attached to it.

“What the f*ck, it’s 2.7! This viewership rating is clearly wiping out everything else!”

“When Lu Man’s around, be it the box office sales or viewership ratings, she’d clearly wipe them out!”

“Haha, the person above, you got it wrong. Let’s not talk about the box office sales for now. Including the previous time and this, the views were all dependent on others. Without Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng, and without Wang Juhuai, if it’s just based on her, Lu Man, alone? Haha!”

“The person above, I think you’re the one who got it wrong. Without Lu Man, you think the show can still invite Sun Yiwu, Ji Cheng, or even Wang Juhuai? Don’t be ridiculous!”

“Exactly, just based on Lu Man’s influence alone, she would indeed not be able to achieve such a high viewership rating. However, since Lu Man attended the show and tried her best to invite high-profile guests to boost the show’s ratings, the show surely didn’t invite her in vain. She put in so much effort, shouldn’t that be enough?”

“How high is the viewership ratings for Friday (with the Stars)? Isn’t Liang Chengbing very high-profile too?”

“With such high viewership ratings for Classic X Files, they surely got a sizeable portion of the viewership from Friday (with the Stars). Do we still need to talk about how bad their viewership ratings are now?”

Someone went to boluowang[1] to check and finally got the updated viewership ratings for Friday (with the Stars).



“Cough. Liang Chengbing said he would not participate in any activities with Lu Man. In the end, the show that Lu Man was in had explosive viewership ratings while the show that Liang Chengbing attended had only average ratings. How would this be resolved?”

“Hahahahaha, thinking of this makes me want to laugh. Liang Chengbing wanted to blacklist Lu Man, but in the end, he got blacklisted by Wang Juhuai instead. In the past, Wang Juhuai would never attend such shows. But now, he broke his record for Lu Man. Next time, there will surely be more shows looking to invite Wang Juhuai. When that happens, what will happen to Liang Chengbing?”

“It’s not certain that Wang Juhuai will continue attending those shows. This time, he came precisely because of Lu Man. From what I see, I think if any show wants to invite Wang Juhuai, they will have to invite Lu Man first. Look at Classic X Files. Lu Man has already been in the spotlight twice because of this show.”

“Speaking of that, Classic X Files is the first show that invited Lu Man. As the first person to set the precedent, she surely earned a handsome sum from this.”

“Aish, I thought that it was already pretty impressive for Friday (with the Stars) to have invited Zhang Bo. Who would’ve thought that Classic X Files actually had a scene-stealer like Wang Juhuai? No wonder Classic X Files was not worried at all.”

Liang Chengbing also saw the online comments. He scoffed.

At that moment, the door to the office swung open.

Liang Chengbing looked up and saw that it was Yan Zhiqing.

“Director Liang, Teacher Gao,” Yan Zhiqing greeted.

It turned out that this was the office for the judges of the Fei Yue International Film Festival.




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