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“Who knows when Lu Dongliu will be able to get the total viewership statistics.” Xia Qingwei could not put her heart at ease as long as she did not know the results.

“It should come pretty fast today. After all, with Dad’s participation, even Chief Lu views it with great importance and will surely urge them to quickly do up the statistics.”

Indeed, not long after they had breakfast, Lu Dongliu called.

Almost at the same time, Chief Lu personally contacted Wang Juhuai.

“Lu Man, the viewership ratings for our show really exploded this time! It’s all thanks to you and to Mr. Wang. Chief Lu went to call Mr. Wang, but you should also help me express my gratitude towards him,” Lu Dongliu said in agitation.

“How high is the viewership rating?” Lu Man was curious as well.

Although she had guessed in her heart, she still wanted to hear the real answer to be assured.

“It’s 2.7014%!” Lu Dongliu’s voice trembled when he mentioned this viewership rating, as if he was about to lose control of himself. “It’s so close! It’s so close to hitting 3! Mr. Wang’s popularity is really too amazing!”

The high viewership ratings this time had indeed nothing much to do with Lu Man.

This was all thanks to Wang Juhuai’s fame.

Lu Man was keenly aware of this and reminded Lu Dongliu as she said, “This time was mainly because my dad had never participated in any shows before this. However, if he attended too many shows, it will reduce people’s curiosity about him and it won’t be so rare anymore. The viewership ratings won’t be as explosive as it was initially.”

“I know, I know.” Lu Dongliu understood. “I think Mr. Wang wouldn’t participate in that many shows either. It’s already very rare that he would come here. It’s precisely because the audience knows this that the viewership ratings are so high. Afterward, our production team will publish the viewership ratings for last night on the official Weibo account. This time, it’s all thanks to you. If not for you, Mr. Wang would definitely not have come to our show.”

“With this viewership rating, it’ll probably be tough for Friday (with the Stars) to catch up,” Lu Man said with a laugh.

“Of course!” Lu Dongliu cackled.

At that moment, someone could be heard saying something about the online views beside Lu Dongliu.

“Lu Man, the statistics for the show will be updated at 12 midnight. Currently, the number of views have already surpassed six million!”

It had only been a few hours!

12 midnight to 1 am could still forcibly be considered a peak period, but after 1 am, there would not be that many people who could watch throughout the night.

At present, the online views actually surpassed six million.

“The show ranks number one on the 24-hour charts. It surpassed the second spot’s Friday (with the Stars) by four million views!” Lu Dongliu exclaimed. “This is only the viewer count for now. From what I know, no other popular variety show is able to achieve such high ratings within such a short period of time. Some shows with pretty good ratings could only achieve this result in a week at best.”

“I see.” Lu Man smiled and said, “Many congratulations to you, then.”

“Aish, isn’t this all thanks to you and Mr. Wang?” Lu Dongliu smiled and said, “Lu Man, I will remember your help this time. I used to feel that I was the one who helped you. Now, it looks like you’re the one who’s been helping me all along. I was still worried about Liang Chengbing making things difficult for you previously, but with Mr. Wang around now, who would dare to target you?”

Lu Dongliu made a promise to her. “I really owe many thanks to you this time for helping the finale episode of our show achieve such amazing results. If you need any help next time, just let me know. No matter what it is, I, Lu Dongliu, will surely do my best to help you get it done.”

It was evident that he really meant what he said and was definitely not just appeasing Lu Man or placating her.



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