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(Viewership Ratings)

Seeing that Han Zhuoli did not wake up, she knew that he was too tired from work.

Whenever Han Zhuoli was not too busy with work, or if he could spare some time and finish up his important work, he would always make time to keep Lu Man company.

However, it was evident how busy Han Zhuoli was when he really could not afford to set aside his work and rush it no matter how quickly he did it.

Lu Man did not wake him up. She quietly got up and walked carefully so that she would not wake Han Zhuoli from his sleep.

Once she came out of the room, she decided to go to the bathroom outside to wash up.

“You’re up so early?” Xia Qingwei saw Lu Man when she came out.

“I got a good rest these few days so I’m not tired and naturally wake up early,” Lu Man said after she washed her face. “Zhuoli is still in bed. He’s too tired from work these last few days.”

“Okay, let him sleep.” Xia Qingwei would definitely not mind Han Zhuoli sleeping in. “What do you want for breakfast?”

Lu Man rubbed her stomach and said, “I want to eat youtiao[1].”

“You’re really picky,” Xia Qingwei said with a smile. “Moving here is nice in all aspects, except that there are no breakfast stalls around. There’s nowhere we can buy youtiao here.”

“Let’s call delivery.” Lu Man ran to get her phone. “Next time, if you want to eat anything that’s not available in the vicinity, you can order using this. I’ll teach you.”

Lu Man ordered breakfast while she taught Xia Qingwei how to use the service.

Soy milk, youtiao, shengjian[2] and some delicious appetizers.

Not long after, Wang Juhuai came out after he was almost done packing. “Why do I hear you both talking about good food?”

Xia Qingwei told him about the food that Lu Man ordered for breakfast.

Wang Juhuai’s appetite was immediately aroused. “There was no way I could’ve eaten these things when I was in America. After coming back, I found that they don’t sell these in the vicinity, so I haven’t gotten the chance to eat them ’til now.”

“Alright, you will get to eat them in a while,” Xia Qingwei said as she smiled. “I will try to learn and see if I can cook it.”

“Homemade ones taste different from takeouts. We can just order takeout if we want to eat it.” Wang Juhuai would not want Xia Qingwei to busy herself with these things.

After around 30 minutes, the food delivery came.

When Lu Man brought breakfast into the kitchen to lay it out, Han Zhuoli walked out of the bedroom.

When he did not see Lu Man, he immediately asked, “Mom, where’s Man Man?”

Xia Qingwei thought to herself that he really could not leave her even for a while.

“She’s in the kitchen.”

Han Zhuoli went to the kitchen in a hurry.

Upon seeing him, Lu Man said, “Did I wake you up just now?”

“I heard the doorbell, but it’s also because I couldn’t sleep anymore.” Han Zhuoli walked over and hugged her as he pecked her on the lips. “How would I hear such a faint sound if I was in deep sleep?”

Han Zhuoli also smelled the scent of fried dough. He turned to look and smiled. “I haven’t had this in a long time.”

“Quick, go and wash up so that you can eat it while it’s hot,” Lu Man urged him.

Han Zhuoli quickly went back to wash up.

After he was done, Lu Man, Wang Juhuai, and Xia Qingwei had yet to start eating and were waiting for him.

“Do you have a rough idea of the viewership ratings for last night’s Classic X Files?” Xia Qingwei asked her.

Lu Man thought about it before saying, “From what I could guess, it should be able to hit 2.5-2.6.”

“So high?” Wang Juhuai did not know much about the viewership ratings in the country at first, but because of Lu Man, he started to look it up and so he knew that this number was shockingly high.

Lu Man nodded. “I think it should be around there. Actually, I think it’s because there were still not that many netizens who knew about it last night and not everyone was constantly online. There are also many people who do not like to watch ads or do not have time to watch and for other reasons would not watch the show on TV and will wait for the show to be broadcasted online. The actual surge in ratings might actually come from online views.”

[1] Fried Chinese dough sticks.

[2] Small, pan-fried Shanghai steamed buns.



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