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(Doesn’t Matter, Dead or Alive)

Xia Qingwei!

Having public displays of affection with another man under the public eye at her age, how shameless!

And when he heard Lu Man call Wang Juhuai “Dad,” Lu Qiyuan’s breath caught in his throat and could not go down.

He pressed his chest, and his face went from red to purple.

That pocket of air was stuck and he suddenly lost the ability to breathe.

He beat his hands helplessly at his chest.

“Qiyuan!” Stepping out from the toilet, Xia Qingyang saw Lu Qiyuan and immediately went for the bell by his bed.

The doctor and nurses rushed in and gave emergency aid to Lu Qiyuan.

“The patient was provoked,” the doctor said unhappily. “Didn’t I tell you before? Don’t provoke the patient. If he suffers from another attack, it’s hard to say if he’ll recover. He has yet to recover and he’s greatly agitated again. Even if he does recover, it wouldn’t be as well as the previous time, and he might even suffer long-term consequences.”

Xia Qingyang was shocked. True, she did set Lu Qiyuan up when he was sick…

But she never wanted a disabled husband!

“I don’t know, he was watching the TV while I just went to the toilet. Who knew he’d get provoked?” Xia Qingyang explained hurriedly.

The television was still on and the program was running.

As Xia Qingyang was talking, she thought she heard Xia Qingwei’s name.

She turned around. Wasn’t that Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei on the TV?

Lu Man stood by the side, and the three of them looked like a proper family.

Xia Qingyang then looked at Lu Qiyuan. Did Lu Qiyuan see this and got angry?

Lu Qiyuan had been divorced from Xia Qingwei for over a decade. Could he still be harboring feelings for this ex-wife of his?

He got provoked after seeing Xia Qingwei with Wang Juhuai?

Xia Qingyang looked coolly at Lu Qiyuan.

And she suddenly felt that it’s no big deal even if Lu Qiyuan never recovered.

She found it hard to understand Lu Qiyuan.

He was the one who did not treasure Xia Qingwei, and though she did interfere in their marriage, it took two to tango.

It was Lu Qiyuan who had a problem with Xia Qingwei, leading him to divorce her. Xia Qingyang was not the only one at fault.

And now, Lu Qiyuan acted as if he had not forgotten Xia Qingwei at all.

Is there something wrong with him?

Xia Qingyang’s expression became normal, and she said calmly, “Then just try your best.”

The doctor glanced at Xia Qingyang, unclear as to why her attitude changed so suddenly.

Wasn’t she too distant?

But the doctor said nothing.

After the doctor left, Xia Qingyang called Lu Qi in secret. “Qi Qi, you’d better hurry with Zhengbai and transfer more company assets. Your dad watched Classic X Files just now and became agitated after seeing Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuai. When he wakes, he might not make a full recovery. We have to seize the chance and hold more in our hands!”

“Alright.” Lu Qi did not even ask after Lu Qiyuan. It didn’t matter if he was dead or alive. She did not care a single bit.

“How’s Dad now? How long ’til he wakes?” Lu Qi asked.

“You still care about this?” Xia Qingyang fumed. “He got triggered because he saw Xia Qingwei, Lu Man, and Wang Juhuai standing together like an actual family. He clearly still remembers and misses them, and he can’t stand watching them belong to another! Serves him right if he dies from anger! Why are you still bothering with him?”

Lu Qi rolled her eyes as she hid in a pavilion in the school. “I’m not worried about him, I just wanted to ask how long before he wakes so that we can do our stuff! After he wakes, we shall see his body’s condition. If he’s really paralyzed and can’t move freely, we can then make bigger moves.”



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