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(The School Called)

Han Zhuoli gently inhaled it. The more he smelled that fragrance, the more he liked it. It was like her body’s own scent. In that light fragrance, there was a slight sweetness. It wasn’t a smell that any makeup product or perfume would have.

This fragrance made it very easy for Han Zhuoli to drown in it. The arms wrapped around her tightened as he couldn’t help but leave bright red marks along the side of her neck.

Lu Man whimpered softly as her hands trembled on his chest. Unknowingly, the tips of her fingers dug in, pressing against his hard chest.

Right now, she was like an obedient little rabbit, extremely honest, obedient, and submissive.

Her cheeks were a seductive color of red. As he looked at it, his heart wavered and he felt tempted. He wanted to press her into his embrace and bully her until she cried and begged for him to let go.

Han Zhuoli’s lips pressed against her lips.

Suddenly, the sound of a phone’s ringtone blared through the air.

Instantly, Lu Man woke up.

It was the ring tone of Xia Qingwei’s phone.

They were still in Yi Garden. They hadn’t returned to Han Zhuoli’s mansion yet.

Being hugged like this by Han Zhuoli, she had unknowingly already forgotten that she was still at her mother’s place.

She hurriedly pushed Han Zhuoli away.

Just after Han Zhuoli let go and she sat down next to him, Xia Qingwei walked in with her phone in her hand.

Behind her, Wang Juhuai followed, his face looking awkward.

He had wanted to come in just now, but at the entrance, he saw that Han Zhuoli was hugging Lu Man.

The young lovebirds were getting intimate.

Naturally, he felt embarrassed at the thought of disturbing that. He supposed that Han Zhuoli and Lu Man had also forgotten where they were.

They must have had, because the two lovebirds had always controlled themselves in front of them elders.

Wang Juhuai felt too awkward to walk in. Just as he’d turned around, he met Xia Qingwei and pulled her away as well.

Alas, who knew that while they were walking away, Xia Qingwei’s phone would ring and that would wake the two lovebirds up.

They really didn’t mean to do it on purpose!

Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuai were worried that the two of them would feel awkward, so they pretended that they knew nothing.

Lu Man lowered her head in embarrassment and secretly pinched Han Zhuoli’s thigh.

Han Zhuoli immediately grabbed hold of her hand.

She had already ignited the fire within him, and right now, he was still struggling really hard. No matter where else her soft fingers pinched, he wouldn’t be able to withstand it, let alone his thigh.

If not for Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuai, he definitely would have pressed Lu Man’s hand on him there so that she could properly feel it.

Meanwhile, Xia Qingwei picked up the call. “Hello.”

“Xiao Xia, it’s me, Director Sun.” Director Sun’s voice came through the phone.

It had been a long time since they last met. It felt pretty familiar and friendly hearing Director Sun’s voice.

“Hi, Director Sun, it’s been a while. Have the other teachers at school been well?” Xia Qingwei asked as she smiled.

“Everyone’s been doing well, but we all miss you quite a bit,” Director Sun said. “You too, you haven’t come back to visit us after you resigned.”

“I originally wanted to go back and visit, but considering that the incident with me previously probably hasn’t settled down yet, I thought perhaps it wouldn’t be too appropriate for me to return yet, so I was thinking of going back sometime later,” Xia Qingwei said.

However, right now, because of Classic X Files, everyone had found out that she was Wang Juhuai’s wife. They knew that both of them had been divorced from each of their ex-spouses for many years, so there had never been a case of her being a third party.

Xia Qingwei realized that it was right after the show aired that she received Director Sun’s call. She roughly could guess her intention.

“Have you been doing well?” Director Sun asked politely, followed by a bitter laugh. “I think my question was probably redundant. You’ve definitely been well. I watched the episode of Classic X Files last night.”

Director Sun wasn’t really a fan of Classic X Files. She just saw online that Wang Juhuai had actually appeared on that show.


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