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(Rubbing Salt in the Wound)

“Phew, thank goodness I’ve never met this type of woman. It’s too scary!”

Lin Jinshu looked around her, heaving with anger.

Those who were smiling and laughing with her, people who were so courteous to her before, were now pointing fingers and criticizing her!

They were rubbing salt in the wound!

Lin Jinshu glared at Wang Juhuai. Was he not afraid that she would make trouble for Xia Qingwei?

“No need to glare at me,” Wang Juhuai said. “I won’t be threatened by you! Lin Jinshu, you were the one who tricked me into marriage back then. I have had nothing to do with you after our divorce. Stay away from my wife!”

Wang Juhuai scoffed. “I’ve seen shameless people, but never one as shameless as you.”

After speaking, Wang Juhuai went over to Mayor He to apologize. “Sorry for messing up this dinner tonight.”

“It’s okay.” Mayor He clapped Wang Juhuai on the shoulder. “It’s good that you’ve clarified things. It was quite a rude shock when that Madam Lin came and claimed to be your wife.”

“Our belief in you never wavered.” Mrs. He smiled.

“And I’m so thankful for that,” Wang Juhuai replied instantly.

“Since you’ve come, why not stay and have fun?” Mayor He suggested.

“Thanks, but no thanks. I came uninvited because Lin Jinshu threatened me to come, saying she’ll continue ruining Qingwei’s reputation if I didn’t. Qingwei’s still waiting for me at home. I have to get back and tell her how it went and ease her worries,” Wang Juhuai explained.

Mrs. He was more understanding than Mayor He when it came to these matters, so she gave him a subtle squeeze with her hand that was on his arm.

Mayor He smiled. “Alright, I shall not force you to stay. Do drop by next time when you’re free.”

“Okay!” Wang Juhuai said.

While Wang Juhuai was speaking to Mayor He, a bunch of reporters had already surrounded Lin Jinshu.

Tang Zi was screaming “Oh my goodness!” internally; this was much bigger than what Lu Man told him over the phone.

Fortunately, he came prepared and was much faster in his reaction time than the other reporters. He managed to snag a close-shot of Lin Jinshu’s changing expression, the grimace too horrible to see.

Moreover, because of Lu Man’s advance notice, not only did he get a close-shot, he even got the cameraman on standby and recorded a video.

He himself took out his phone and snapped a shot as well.

“Madam Lin, since you’ve been divorced for ten years, why do you still claim to be Mr. Wang’s wife?”

“Are you trying to integrate yourself into B City’s social circles with this status?”

“How many people have you duped by claiming to be Mrs. Wang?”

Mayor He assessed the situation. Luckily, not many reporters were allowed into the dinner tonight or the scene would have been a huge, uncontrollable mess.

“Mr. Wang, I’ll let the security escort you out,” Mayor He said with consideration.

Wang Juhuai thanked him and left under the protection of the security personnel.

Wang Juhuai quickly texted Lu Man on the way.

Lu Man had already drafted the pictures and article. She would use Wang Juhuai’s Weibo account to post it the moment she received news from him.

Wang Juhuai posted: “Tonight at the dinner, I’ve met with something extremely ridiculous and shameful. My ex-wife whom I divorced more than ten years ago came to B City and claimed to be my wife, using my name to deceive people. I hereby declare, on my honor, that I’ve been divorced from Lin Jinshu for a whole decade, and it was not an amicable split. I’ve never met Lin Jinshu once in these ten years, and I have absolutely nothing to with Lin Jinshu at all.”

An image showing their divorce certificates followed the text.

The date of the divorce was exactly ten years ago.



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