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(Everything Goes According to Her Wishes)

“Hand this matter to me, I’ll go personally!” Tang Zi looked at his surroundings before leaving his office and finding a secluded spot.

“That’s not necessary, I just wanted to warn you,” Lu Man said.

“I’ll go for my own peace of mind. Moreover, you said that it’s big news, and that means it’s really big news. I stand to gain too if I went myself. If I sent someone else, I can’t tell them anything clearly. What if they don’t treat the matter as seriously?”

Lu Man thought about it and agreed. “Alright, I’ll have to trouble you, then.”

“I’ve said it so many times, no need to be so courteous with me.”

It was not the first time Xia Qingwei had seen how Lu Man handled matters, but it was Wang Juhuai’s first time seeing how Lu Man handled a public relations crisis.

He never thought that she would have handled things so swiftly and cleanly, contacting all the relevant people in such a short time.

While Wang Juhuai was still shocked, Lu Man had already contacted “Eight Skin Entertainment” and asked him to help repost her Weibo.

“After that, help me publish an article. I’ll send it to you after I write it out,” Lu Man said.

Wang Juhuai was speechless. No wonder so many people lost to Lu Man before.

Given Lu Man’s brain and reflexes, it was within reason for them to have lost.

Only crazy people doubted Lu Man’s abilities, for they had yet to feel the fear of having Lu Man as their enemy.

Immediately, Wang Juhuai relaxed, no longer stressed about tonight’s events.

They endured like this until it was almost 6 pm. Taking into account the time spent in a jam on the road, Wang Juhuai set off an hour earlier.

Lu Man and Xia Qingwei sent Wang Juhuai to his car. Because Wang Juhuai was an artiste, Lu Man thought that he might be a bit shy.

Lu Man repeatedly reminded him, “Dad, don’t be shy later! You must totally thrash Lin Jinshu’s face!”

“Trust me, I’ll do it well!” Wang Juhuai promised.

Lu Man had settled everything; he couldn’t drop the ball.

Xiao Guo took over as Wang Juhuai’s chauffeur temporarily and delivered him to Sheng Yue safely.

“I’ll wait here for you, Mr. Wang,” Xiao Guo said. “Madam said you might leave halfway.”

Wang Juhuai was impressed by Lu Man’s thoughtfulness. It’s as if there’s nothing she could miss. How could this young lady be so smart!

He nodded. “Thank you.”

“It’s nothing, ” Xiao Guo said with a smile. “There’s no need to be anxious.”

Xiao Guo drove the car to the hotel’s carpark.

And Wang Juhuai went to the banquet hall by himself.

Meanwhile, in the banquet hall, Lin Jinshu was conversing with her new acquaintances based on her self-proclaimed status as Mrs. Wang.

“It’s actually Mrs. Wang! Would Mr. Wang be here tonight?”

“He promised me he would come, but he’s busy handling some problems regarding work in B City. He’s planning for a long-term stay in B City, so he’s to decide on office locations and such. This is a rather hectic period and he’s still outside handling matters, so he’ll be late tonight,” Lin Jinshu said naturally.

She said it so seriously, and that she could answer everything about Wang Juhuai made people believe that she was really Mrs. Wang.

“Mayor He is here.” Someone smiled. “Come, Mrs. Wang, let me introduce you.”

“Thank you so much,” Lin Jinshu said hurriedly.

Everything was going according to her wishes; it was perfect since she wanted to meet Mayor He too.

Not far away, Lu Qi was standing with He Zhengbai.

“Didn’t Wang Juhuai say he married Xia Qingwei? How come another wife popped up?” He Zhengbai said softly.



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