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(A Lifetime Series)

He was just in time to meet Wang Juhuai on the first floor.

“Mr. Wang!” Chief Lu and Lu Dongliu walked over to welcome him and shook Wang Juhuai’s hand earnestly.

“Why didn’t you tell us you were coming beforehand? I would have sent someone to fetch you,” Chief Lu said. “Look at all these people around you—they didn’t bother you, right?”

“I’m not such a bigshot.” Wang Juhuai did not really mind it that much.

Chief Lu thought to himself, You may think you’re not a bigshot, but this is a world-premiere variety show!

“Even if you don’t care about it, others do!”

“Let’s go up first to talk,” Chief Lu immediately said.

The small group of people took the lift up together.

After they left, the lobby immediately burst into chaos.

“That’s Wang Juhuai, right? It’s Wang Juhuai!”

“Oh my god, I never imagined that I would be able to see Wang Juhuai in person in my lifetime!”

“I… I need to post this on Weibo!”

“I need to tell my friends about this!”

“It’s Wang Juhuai! Why did he come to our television station? When did our television station have such a great reputation?”

“Was Lu Man the person standing beside Wang Juhuai just now? Could it be that Lu Man was the one who invited him this time too?”

“What the f*ck, who exactly is Lu Man? She could actually invite Wang Juhuai?”

“AHHH! I actually didn’t take a photo just now!”

“I took one!”

“Send it to me, quick, send it to me!”

“I wonder if we will be able to take a picture with Wang Juhuai later?”

“What did he come here for?”

“I heard that Classic X Files invited Lu Man for their finale episode. Could Wang Juhuai be the mystery guest that Lu Man has invited?”

Everyone was making their guesses while someone was exchanging the photos they took of Wang Juhuai!

All the leaders from the various departments suddenly appeared together and exclaimed angrily: “No one is allowed to send out the photos from today nor leak the news out!”

Everyone was stunned.

The leaders of each department identified their employees and said, “All of you come back to the office with me! There’s an urgent department meeting today!”

“Delete the photos you took of Wang Juhuai from your phone. What Weibo and chat groups with friends? You’re not allowed to post this on any form of social media. No one is allowed to leak the news out that Wang Juhuai came to our station today.”

“Chief Lu personally said that if anyone leaked out the news, he will definitely pursue the matter and make sure you guys won’t be able to survive in the television station industry!”

“Lay down your phones on the table. I will delete them myself!”

In every department, the same topic came up as well.

The leaders of every department personally checked and made sure that they had deleted all photos of Wang Juhuai from their phone and that it could not be recovered.

“I can tell you that Wang Juhuai had indeed come to participate in a show on our television station. You guys know too that Wang Juhuai had never participated in any kind of activities prior to this and does not accept any interviews at all, much less participate in variety shows and the like. This is not just Wang Juhuai’s international debut on variety shows. This is his debut on a group interview show, a variety show, and his first public appearance in his lifetime! This is also his first official public appearance since he returned to the country!”

“Hence, the station views this with the greatest importance. His identity as a mystery guest cannot be leaked out even the tiniest bit! The station has already decided that we will excite the greatest furor! You guys, don’t give me any trouble over this! I will put out my harsh words first. All of you better keep your mouths shut and guard it tightly until Classic X Files airs. No one is to leak out any bit of information on this!”

“It’s not just to the media. This includes your family and friends. Everyone better keep check on yourselves these next few days and don’t drink too much and spill everything out. Those who sleeptalk, sleep in a separate room from others! The audience members this time around have all signed a confidentiality agreement and have to hand over their phones before they enter to watch the show. You guys can see how important this is to the station this time.”



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