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(A Slap in the Face)

They thought that she had quite a hard life, a strong career woman who had to juggle both business and family. Someone graceful and elegant when she’s working, beautiful and charismatic as a wife. She was a wife who would make you proud when you brought her out. She’s perfect as a wife, yet she still had to suffer her husband’s unfaithfulness.

Before this, everyone was still crowding around her and calling her Mrs. Wang. But now, she was the most humiliated person there.

Many guests had begun feeling sympathetic towards Lin Jinshu.

“Treat you as what?” a male voice interjected.

Stunned, everyone turned and saw Wang Juhuai walking over.

His face was cool with undisguised ridicule.

Lin Jinshu suddenly had a rather bad premonition. She squinted warningly at Wang Juhuai.

She was reminding him that there’s still Xia Qingwei to consider!

Did he want Xia Qingwei to suffer as well?

“Juhuai!” Lin Jinshu called out and walked to him quickly. With her back to everyone else, she looked warningly at Wang Juhuai and said in a low voice, “You better consider things carefully before speaking.”

Once done, she raised her voice slightly. “They… They said you brought another woman and claimed she was your wife? Don’t scare me, Juhuai, we’re clearly…”

“Clearly what?” Wang Juhuai scoffed.

He shook off Lin Jinshu’s hand angrily. “Say it! What is it? I didn’t even know you’re using my name to lie and mislead the public. Lin Jinshu, just how shameless are you?!”

“You’re just my ex-wife—we’ve been divorced for more than ten years! How could you have the face to tell everyone that you’re my wife? My wife is Xia Qingwei and she’s at home right now!” Wang Juhuai said loudly. “How many people have you deceived using my name?”

“What are you saying?!” Lin Jinshu’s expression finally changed.

What was faked prior was real now.

And CEO Lin, who brought Lin Jinshu here, felt horrible.

Lin Jinshu lied to him!

He was so embarrassed!

Wang Juhuai took out the divorce certificates and did as Lu Man instructed—he threw them at Lin Jinshu’s face.

The divorce certs smacked against Lin Jinshu’s face before dropping to the ground.

“We’ve been divorced for ten years. The date is stated clearly on the divorce certificates,” Wang Juhuai said loudly. “And you dare claim to be my wife? Then you went to my wife’s school and maligned her as being a mistress. How can people like you even exist?!”

Lin Jinshu never expected Wang Juhuai to act this way.

“Think carefully before speaking further,” Lin Jinshu threatened him in desperation.

Everyone understood immediately when the words left her mouth.

Mrs. He smiled and said to Mayor He, “Didn’t I say that Mr. Wang is a responsible man and won’t lie to us?”

Mayor He smiled and nodded.

Wang Juhuai was totally unfazed by Lin Jinshu’s threat. “Why did I come tonight? Because you went to Qingwei’s school and spouted nonsense and wronged her. You even threatened me that if I don’t cooperate with you and let everyone assume you’re Mrs. Wang, you’ll continue making trouble for Qingwei.”

Wang Juhuai was revolted. “How could there be such a disgusting woman like you?”

“So it was like this.”

“Didn’t seem like it at first.”

“I originally thought that she’s a strong career woman who juggles business and family. Turns out she’s such a horrible person.”

“What does she gain by slandering others? Was it because she’s unsatisfied?”

“Maybe it was also to make use of Mr. Wang Juhuai. Wasn’t everyone so courteous to her when she claimed to be Mrs. Wang?”



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