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(The Choice)

She was not the kind of person who was loved by everyone, nor did she feel that the world had to revolve around her and that everyone had to choose her and no one else.

However, she did not expect Lu Dongliu to say, “To be honest, even if he bears a grudge against me, what can he do to me? No matter how wide his reach is, he won’t be able to affect the television station. The television station really doesn’t think highly of him. If he wants publicity for his new movie, he has to go on a popular variety show. All the popular variety shows are either on our station or on Xing Ke Station. If he doesn’t come on our show, it means that he would lose half of the publicity he could gain for his new movie. Hence, our station really isn’t afraid of him. I have quite a few popular variety shows under my wing. My pay is also given by my station. He won’t have a say in it.”

“You mean…” Lu Man was a little shocked but touched in her heart as well.

“Haha, of course I mean you will continue to attend our finale episode. I already agreed on this with you. I’m not someone who will go back on my word,” Lu Dongliu said with a laugh. “Furthermore, you are considerate of me and treat me like a friend. I, Lu Dongliu, am not someone who would sell out my friend in an instant.”

“If I don’t let you come on the show, there might probably be no other shows that would dare to invite you on anymore. You will really be banned by Liang Chengbing then. I can’t control other shows, but at least I can send out the message that Liang Chengbing’s words do not have that much weight, that there are shows that don’t care about him,” Lu Dongliu said. “Liang Chengbing will not be able to touch our show and our show will continue to do just fine, which will then prove the truth of the situation.”

Lu Dongliu paused for a moment before he said, “But I can only help you this far. I can’t do more than that with my capabilities even if I wanted to.”

Lu Man knew that Liang Chengbing had no chance of affecting her at all.

However, Lu Dongliu did not know that. Even then, Lu Dongliu still chose to help Lu Man, so Lu Man engraved Lu Dongliu’s goodness in her heart.

After she entered showbiz, aside from Han Zhuoli, she’d met three other benefactors: Sun Yiwu, Ji Cheng, and now, Lu Dongliu.

“Thank you,” Lu Man said gratefully. “You have done more than enough for me on this. Although you said that Liang Chengbing can’t do anything to you, it’s better not to offend him if you can. No one will offend someone for no reason, so it’s better to be friends rather than enemies with others. You also said that Liang Chengbing is very narrow-minded. If you do this for me and offend Liang Chengbing, who knows what he will do next time?”

“Your help is too great on this matter, and I will remember it. If you have anything you need help with from now on, I will not hesitate to help you out,” Lu Man said.

Lu Man really stored away Lu Dongliu’s help for her in her heart and was very grateful to him.

“You’re being too polite like this. I’ve said this before. I treat you as a friend, you don’t need to stand on formalities with me,” Lu Dongliu said as he smiled.

As for the help that Lu Man mentioned, Lu Dongliu simply felt that given Lu Man’s current status in the entertainment industry, even if there was something he really needed help with, she might not be able to help him with it.

There were many things that her public relations skills could not help with.

However, Lu Dongliu had indeed set his sights on Lu Man’s future career in the industry. This young lady was capable, grounded, and knew what she wanted. However, she was not in a rush and took steady steps to reach her goal.

Lu Dongliu believed that a lady like Lu Man would surely go far in life.

It was not easy to say where she would be at next time.

He wanted to be on good terms with Lu Man was not just because she was a worthy friend, but also because Lu Dongliu knew that she had a bright future ahead of her.

It did not affect Lu Man even though she knew that Lu Dongliu might not believe her right now.

No one would look forward to someone running into trouble. Of course, he would hope that he would never need her help.




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