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“Can we give both Mr. and Mrs. Wang a round of applause, please?” Fan Yue said to the audience seated below the stage.

Instantly, thunderous applause roared.

“Surprisingly, both husband and wife play the violin. They are such a good match for each other!”

No one felt that Wang Juhuai was out of Xia Qingwei’s league and that she couldn’t match up to him.

The whole set was filled to the brim with blessings and well wishes for them.

“Is it possible for us to have the honor of witnessing both of you performing a duet together?” Fan Yue asked.

Wang Juhuai looked at Xia Qingwei, asking her for her opinion.

On stage, Xia Qingwei naturally wouldn’t have stage fright and refuse him.

“Then, what piece shall we play?” Xia Qingwei smiled and said, “I can’t play something too difficult, I probably can’t keep up.”

Xia Qingwei’s honest words didn’t make the audience feel any dislike. Instead, they really liked her honest words, or more like her honest and real personality.

Wang Juhuai laughed lightly. “How about Flying Insects?”

Just like that, both of them had started discussing on stage. As Fan Yue’s request was out of the blue, both of them hadn’t discussed this beforehand.

Xia Qingwei didn’t expect that he would still remember this piece.

“Sure.” Xia Qingwei nodded.

Wang Juhuai brought his own violin. A maestro like him naturally would have his own custom-made violin. He wouldn’t easily use any other violin.

However, Xia Qingwei naturally wouldn’t mind. Hence, she used a violin that the production team had provided.

Clearly, the production team had already considered the possibility of something like this happening beforehand. If not, they wouldn’t have even prepared a violin too.

After the two of them reunited, they hadn’t performed this piece together.

However, as both of them had really performed this piece together too many times before, it had long since been etched deeply in their minds.

Wang Juhuai started first. It was melodious yet cheerful.

Xia Qingwei slowly joined in afterward. Both of them first started playing the same melody and at the same key.

When the piece finished the first verse, Wang Juhuai’s key was suddenly raised while Xia Qingwei went down a couple of keys, yet both were strangely well-harmonized.

After a while, Xia Qingwei slowed down her tempo, but Wang Juhuai suddenly increased his.

The slow and deep tone of Xia Qingwei’s violin was like the quiet and calm night.

The higher key and fast rhythm of Wang Juhuai’s violin was as if the birds were singing and the insects were chirping.

The chemistry between them was amazing!

Xia Qingwei finished the piece first, then she didn’t continue.

As Wang Juhuai’s tempo was faster, when Xia Qingwei finished, he had already played the latter part of the third time of the piece. He dragged out the final long note and let the note gradually fade away as the ending.

“Oh gosh! I never knew that this song that is almost like a children’s song could be performed in such a way as to give it such a different feel!”

“Their chemistry is so amazing!”

“It was so beautiful.”

“Xia Qingwei’s technique is indeed not as good as Wang Juhuai’s, but Wang Juhuai is a skilled maestro, after all. Xia Qingwei’s basic skills are really solid, so she could bring out Wang Juhuai’s skills, and that was enough.”

“It was so beautiful!”

“A maestro is indeed a maestro. He could play a children’s tune in such a moving and amazing way!”

“I never expected that in just one day, I’ve managed to hear two pieces personally performed by Wang Juhuai all at once. This trip was absolutely worth it!”

Fan Yue was still so excited and emotional from listening to it. He asked Wang Juhuai, “You two have such good chemistry with each other. Do you two frequently play this piece together?”

Wang Juhuai smiled. “It’s been about more than 20 years since we performed together. While we were both students learning under the same teacher, we couldn’t help but feel a little bored while practicing on our own. Hence, we thought of different ways to play it to create some fun. This song was the song that we practiced playing together back then. Once we could play it well, we thought about different ways to change it and play around with it to create something new, so we created many different versions. However, ever since then, we had never performed together. This is probably the first time in over 20 years.”



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