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(Come Find Me Tonight)

Lin Jinshu was so mad she could smash her phone. “You called me just to spite me? Alright, spite me all you want. The more you antagonize me, the more I’ll ruin Xia Qingwei’s reputation!”

“What do you actually want? You know that it’s a feeble lie that can be seen through at once. You can’t keep harping on it,” Wang Juhuai questioned.

“Oh yes, I know. But even if it’s a lie that people will see through eventually, Xia Qingwei’d still be ruined during the process, won’t she? Just like today. Didn’t Xia Qingwei resign from the school because of this? Because of the pressure given by the school and the parents? Even if she were to change schools, I can still destroy her!”

“Maybe your friends know that my words are false, but the people in that school may not recognize you. Before they learn the truth, I can make Xia Qingwei unable to stay on there. Every time she changes school, I’ll go there and talk about it. Let’s see how many schools she can apply to,” Lin Jinshu sneered.

This was Lin Jinshu’s aim, then.

Lu Man quickly wrote down a few words on paper and showed it to Wang Juhuai. “Ask her what she wants.”

And Wang Juhuai asked, “What do you want in exchange for stopping this nonsense?”

“Come find me tonight,” Lin Jinshu said.

Xia Qingwei’s expression changed while Wang Juhuai fumed, “No way!”

“Hahahaha!” Lin Jinshu’s cackled over the phone. “Don’t misunderstand, I’m not asking you to spend the night with me. We’re an old couple already, I wouldn’t resort to this. Of course, I wouldn’t mind if that’s what you want.”

Wang Juhuai ground his molars, utterly repulsed by Lin Jinshu.

“I’ll be attending a dinner tonight. I want you to be my partner,” Lin Jinshu said. “7 pm at Sheng Yue.”

Lu Man instantly wrote down a word. “Agree!”

Wang Juhuai truly did not want to go, but Lu Man must have her reasons for making this decision. “Okay.”

“Come alone. Don’t bring Xia Qingwei and Lu Man,” Lin Jinshu said.

Lu Man raised her brows. Lin Jinshu seemed to know them well and even anticipated their reaction.

“And…” Lin Jinshu spoke once more, “You must appear as my husband. At the dinner, I’ll introduce you as my husband. You can’t refuse or I’ll make trouble for Xia Qingwei again.”

Wang Juhuai gritted his teeth. How could there be such a despicable woman!

Just then, Lu Man once again waved the word she just wrote in front of him. “Agree!”

Wang Juhuai had no idea what Lu Man was planning, but he still trusted her and said, “Fine, I agree.”

But his total reluctance made it more believable for Lin Jinshu.

If he had agreed readily, Lin Jinshu would have smelled something fishy.

“Then come pick me up at my place at 6. You know where the Lin family home is, right?” Lin Jinshu said.

Lu Man quickly wrote a “Don’t” beside the “Agree.”

Wang Juhuai gave a sigh of relief.

He was afraid Lu Man would make him pick up Lin Jinshu.

“Don’t test my patience. I’ve already agreed to attend the dinner with you, but I’ll never pick you up! We’ll meet at Sheng Yue or don’t bother discussing further! I’ll think of another way to stop you from ruining Qingwei’s reputation!”

Lin Jinshu laughed. “Why? Are you scared? Are you afraid that I’ll do something to you if you come over to my house? Keeping your chastity for Xia Qingwei after marrying her? Actually, even if you both are married, she wouldn’t know a thing if you do anything with me as long as you keep it from her.”



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