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(A Father’s Support)

The people were let off after a round of warnings and instructions.

In the lift.

Lu Dongliu asked Chief Lu, “Are we going to our production team’s office or your own office?”

Chief Lu asked, “Are all the other guests here?”

“Jiang Yuhan and Zheng Yikun, as well as their mystery guests, have not arrived,” Lu Dongliu said.

Who knew if they did it on purpose?

Perhaps they did not mean to.

But perhaps it was because Lu Man’s pay was higher than theirs so they were unhappy and purposely came a little later to show that they were still of a different level than her.

Although they had already explained that Lu Man’s pay included her public relations’ pay, Jiang Yuhan and Zheng Yikun were still displeased.

In the eyes of the unknowing people, that would just mean that Lu Man was of higher worth and value than them.

Hence, they were obviously unhappy and purposely came a little later than Lu Man today.

“Lin Yantao is here already?” Chief Lu asked.

“Yes, he is currently having his makeup done together with Teacher Zhang Sen,” Lu Dongliu said.

“Let’s go to my office first, then. There’re many people on the team. We’ll go and greet Lin Yantao and Zhang Sen later,” Chief Lu said.

After saying that, Chief Lu laughed. “People with good acting skills and high status actually came early and don’t care about vanity. Those who are not so accomplished are actually the ones putting on airs. Interesting.”

Everyone knew that Chief Lu was referring to Jiang Yuhan and Zheng Yikun.

No one disturbed them all the way to Chief Lu’s office. Chief Lu then said, “Mr. Wang, I’ve long looked forward to meeting you. I’ve never imagined that there would be a day when you would come personally to our television station to participate in one of our shows.”

Chief Lu took a deep breath and said, “It’s such a great honor! We really… we really don’t deserve it!”

“Hahahaha!” Wang Juhuai laughed brightly. “It’s not so serious. I really do not like to attend such shows. I just feel that it’s troublesome and my personality is not suited for these kinds of things in the first place. But since you guys invited Lu Man, as her father, I naturally have to support her.”

Before the astonished faces of Chief Lu and Lu Dongliu, Wang Juhuai continued without sensing anything amiss, “Also, I want to thank Director Lu. Thank you, Director Lu, for standing by Man Man and helping her.”

Lu Dongliu really did not expect that. He just had a good impression of Lu Man and saw great potential in her. Hence, he decided to stand on her side. He never expected to receive such a huge surprise!

Hold up!

What did Wang Juhuai say?

He said he’s Lu Man’s father?

Wasn’t Lu Man’s father Lu Qiyuan?

They heard that Wang Juhuai remarried the moment he returned.

Could it be…

Both of them turned to look at Xia Qingwei at the same time.

Wang Juhuai smiled and did the introductions, saying, “This is my wife, Lu Man’s mother.”

Both of them understood it the moment he said that.

Chief Lu’s heart was palpitating rapidly.

What kind of luck did Lu Man have?! This was almost going against the heavens!

She managed to work with two great directors right after her debut and even got on such good terms with them. Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng personally came to attend the show to help her.

At first, they thought that Lu Man was already very fortunate back then.

They never expected that they had been too naive!

Lu Man was actually Wang Juhuai’s stepdaughter!

Furthermore, based on Wang Juhuai’s attitude, he was not awkward with Lu Man at all. He treated her just like his own daughter.

There were some second-generation stars whose appearance was boosted by their parents attending the same show as them.

But those were their biological parents.

Wang Juhuai put in so much effort for Lu Man and treated her just like his own.

At first, there were some people who said that Lu Man had no connections. In the end, she’d invited Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng.

Afterward, there were some people who said that Lu Man’s background was not good. In the end, her father turned out to be Wang Juhuai!



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