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(Backing Out)

Lu Man knew that it was impossible for the selection in this film festival to be entirely fair.

Even if it was entirely fair, she might not be the winner of the award either.

After ending the call, Lu Man told Han Zhuoli about this matter.

“Unlike you, I am very confident in you,” Han Zhuoli said.

Lu Man felt that there was never a time when this man did not have confidence in her.


Lin Jinshu greatly embarrassed herself at the dinner banquet. Afterward, she was even mocked and attacked by netizens. It made her so angry for a few days that she did not go online or step outside at all.

Wang Qianyun did not expect that Lin Jinshu would lose her first battle right when she came back!

From her point of view, Lin Jinshu’s plan was great. Even she had to admit that Lin Jinshu was way too scheming.

Who would have guessed that she would be defeated in an instant?

She had no way of fighting back at all.

She had been waiting for Lin Jinshu to strike back these few days and felt that it was impossible for her to lose so easily. She must have had some other tricks up her sleeve.

In the end, nothing came.

Wang Qianyun finally confirmed that Lin Jinshu had indeed lost!

Wang Qianyun did not think much of it when Wang Juhuai exposed Lin Jinshu directly at the dinner banquet.

It was possible since Wang Juhuai was so flustered.

However, right after that, she saw that the online news sites were filled with articles about it.

Everything from Wang Juhuai’s Weibo post to the media’s exposé happened within half an hour.

Wang Qianyun would not believe that this was all done by Wang Juhuai.

Wang Juhuai could not have sent out the Weibo post while he was walking out of the hotel.

No matter what, this was a huge incident. He definitely had to be measured in his tone and send it out only after confirming that there were no mistakes in it. He could not have treated it like child’s play.

Needless to say, Wang Juhuai had just left before the news and those Weibo accounts caught up with him. It was as if they had known everything about the matter even though it had just happened.

Looking at this made Wang Qianyun feel as if she had smelled a familiar scent.

When she looked at it again, she realized that there was an “Eight Skin Entertainment” in one of the accounts. Wasn’t this the account Lu Man used and worked with?

Though not all of the Weibo posts on “Eight Skin Entertainment” were done in collaboration with Lu Man, the name of the account itself would easily make one think of Lu Man.

This was too obvious as the matter concerned Wang Juhuai especially.

This was certainly done by Lu Man!

Wang Juhuai only needed to slap Lin Jinshu in the face at the dinner. The real mastermind behind all this was Lu Man.

Lu Man contacted the media and those accounts to attack Lin Jinshu and catch her off-guard. It actually knocked her off of her feet completely!

“Auntie, now that things have come to this, what do you plan to do next? You can’t possibly let things go just like that, right?” Wang Qianyun said urgently.

“Don’t rush me,” Lin Jinshu said in an annoyed tone. “I have been staying at home these few days just to think about what I should do next.”

At that moment, Lin Jinshu’s assistant called.

“What?” Lin Jinshu answered.

“CEO Lin, that CEO Lin, CEO Liu, and CEO Zhang just contacted me and said that they are backing out from the projects that we have discussed with them previously,” said Assistant Qian anxiously.

“Didn’t we already discuss everything previously?!” Lin Jinshu screamed anxiously.

“Yes,” Assistant Qian said. “But they suddenly said they don’t want to work with us anymore.”

“Did they say what the reason was?” Lin Jinshu asked.

“Er…” They did say, but the other party said that they only agreed to work with Lin Jinshu on Wang Juhuai’s account. However, Lin Jinshu was no longer Wang Juhuai’s wife, yet she’d still used Wang Juhuai’s name to lie to them.



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