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(Down to Earth)

“Then it really is such an honor for us!” Fan Yue said.

“I have to thank this stage too, for giving us this opportunity to perform together again,” Xia Qingwei said with a smile.

Fan Yue spoke to the audience. “Over here, I would like to inform everyone that this duet segment was thought of by the production team on the spot. We did not inform Mr. and Mrs. Wang beforehand. Therefore, this really is indeed the first time in over 20 years that they had performed together. This is the first time, and it was also completely unrehearsed and even on this stage too.”

“Yes, I didn’t tell Qingwei what I was thinking of beforehand either. However, once she heard that I changed the key, she just knew how to follow,” Wang Juhuai said.

All these years, he had worked with many different people and even had his own personal team that he worked with. However, none of them had as much chemistry with him as Xia Qingwei did.

After all, the team was formed after many rounds of practice.

However, Xia Qingwei had never practiced with him before. Just by hearing one key change from him, she just knew how to match him.

Jiang Yuhan and the others were listening from backstage. They watched helplessly as the time that Lu Man had on stage was getting longer and longer.

In the final segment, after they had performed, Fan Yue would only conduct a simple interview and then have them leave the stage.

However, when it came to Lu Man, the time spent on stage was only getting longer and longer. It didn’t seem like it was about to end any time soon.

Only then did Jiang Yuhan finally realize that her thoughts at the start were way too simplistic.

The program was extended just for Wang Juhuai and his family. It had nothing to do with anyone else.

She completely couldn’t have taken advantage of it!

Fan Yue still remembered that Wang Juhuai said before that he hoped that the screentime would be given to Lu Man and that the focus could be placed on Lu Man too.

However, it was so rare for Wang Juhuai to participate in a program, so they definitely had to interview him a little too.

It was such a rare opportunity. If they let it go, who knows when they would have such a chance again?

Thankfully, Chi Xingrui had instructed the cameraman beforehand too that even while interviewing Wang Juhuai, he should also try to give Lu Man a little screentime.

Right now, after speaking to Wang Juhuai, Fan Yue told Lu Man, “Lu Man, I really have to say, you really do keep everything so low profile!”

Fan Yue’s words made the audience laugh.

That’s right, she really was so low profile!

“Mr. Wang hadn’t been back in China for really long, but it can’t quite be considered as a short duration of time either. It has almost been half a year. If he hadn’t come to record this show today, no one would have known that Mr. Wang was your father. Tell me, how did you manage to keep this unknown to the public?”

“It’s mainly because I don’t want to create trouble for my father. If I were to say it, there would definitely be an endless stream of interviews, or people hoping that they could ask me to get my father to help them out with something. However, I don’t want my family to be disturbed or be put in a spot because of me. Besides, I’m still doing alright on my own. If I work a little harder, I wouldn’t have to ask my father for help for every single situation.” Lu Man smiled again. “However, this time, I did indeed gain some benefit from this. Because I was coming to participate in Classic X Files, I had to bring my father out along too.”

“This was because I requested it,” Wang Juhuai added.

“You requested it?” Fan Yue was shocked.

“That’s right. At the start, she was still thinking of looking for someone else and was still deciding who would be more suitable. Back then, I was in the study room, and I haven’t heard about it. When I came out, I heard it from Qingwei. After that, I felt sad. Why didn’t she ask me, who was readily available, but think of looking for someone else?” Wang Juhuai even made an expression that showed he felt a little wronged, as if he was a little kid throwing a small tantrum.

For someone who was a grand maestro of the violin to suddenly make such an expression, the audience was surprised yet amused.

It turned out that Wang Juhuai was so down to earth too.



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