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It was the last point that made Lu Man afraid.

It would be alright even if her marriage to Han Zhouli was exposed.

But what made her afraid was the question of how the informant knew about it when she and Han Zhuoli had told no one but their closest family.

Her three friends were not on the same wavelength as Lu Man.

They were still deep in shock over the news of Wang Juhuai being Lu Man’s stepfather and had yet to recover.

“My gosh.” Pan Xue sighed in a daze.

Lu Man’s now beyond impressive. First, having a hubby who controlled half of the entertainment industry was spectacular enough. It was enough to ensure Lu Man would be undefeated with no rivals within the local entertainment industry.

Then came an internationally-renowned artiste as a stepfather.

Wang Juhuai enjoyed a global status!

Even they had to sigh at how lucky Lu Man was!

It was as if all good things happened to her.

“Lu Man, you’re really impressive,” Zheng Yuan said. “You’re so lucky. You must’ve done many good things in your past life for you to enjoy a good fortune in this life.”

Lu Man smiled bitterly. “Maybe I’ve suffered so much in my past life that it’s like I’ve endured all the hardships meant for a few lifetimes. So I better have good fortune in this life.”

“Let’s see who’ll dare say you don’t have powerful connections from now on!” Han Leilei said.

Those who had opposed Lu Man always said that she had no strong backers nor powerful connections, so she wasn’t well-established in the entertainment industry.

Who could guess that her husband was Han Zhuoli and her stepfather was Wang Juhuai?!

Among those in the entertainment industry, who else had stronger backers and more powerful connections than Lu Man?

Lu Man’s heart was not on this, though, and she said, “I’ll go and make a call, see whether we can check who did this.”

She then got up and left the classroom, found somewhere secluded, and called Han Zhuoli.

“Are you busy now?” Lu Man asked as the call got through.

Han Zhuoli looked at the files cluttering up his table. Though he’d cleared most of the important work, him going on a honeymoon for a week had inevitably allowed some work to be accumulated.

“It’s not that bad. What is it?” Han Zhuoli asked.

Lu Man originally wanted to contact Da Xiong but decided that this matter would be better left unsaid to outsiders upon second thoughts.

“There’s a leak on the Net saying that your wife is Wang Juhuai’s daughter.” Lu Man told Han Zhuoli everything about the exposure.

Even without Lu Man saying much, Han Zhuoli immediately knew where the catch was.

“I understand. I’ll check it,” Han Zhuoli said.

After hanging up, Han Zhuoli immediately got a call from Wang Juhuai.

“Have you seen the news on the Internet?” Wang Juhuai asked straight away.

Han Zhuoli never thought that Wang Juhuai would be so concerned about Lu Man’s affairs. It was what a real father would have done for his own daughter.

“Man Man just called and told me,” Han Zhuoli said. “Rest assured, I’ll send someone to check.”

“So annoying! If anyone had the right to announce it, it was you two! What’s the deal with leaking such information?” Wang Juhuai fumed. “The person harbors ill intentions!”

Han Zhuoli’s face darkened. It was exactly his thoughts as well.

“When you’ve got the answer, tell me immediately. I want to know who’s against Man Man,” Wang Juhuai said.


Han Zhuoli hung up and immediately handed the matter to Zheng Tianming.

When it was nearing noon, Zheng Tianming came to report. “Young Master Han, the informant for the leak has been found.”



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