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Lu Man still did not know that the four of them were making up a wretched version of the truth with their delusions.

Her hand was still being held by Zheng Yuan while Pan Xue and Han Leilei came over too, curious.

Pan Xue spoke her mind softly, “Why was Young Master Han so stingy as to give you such a thin wedding ring?”

Though Zheng Yuan and Han Leilei did not think Han Zhuoli was being miserly, they were curious as to why the wedding band was so thin.

“That’s not right. I remember seeing Young Master Han’s Weibo, and the marriage cert pictures he posted showed you wearing a magnificent ring,” Zheng Yuan said.

Lu Man clarified in a low voice, “This is a combination ring where the top part can be removed. It’d be too noticeable if I wore such a big ring to school. Zhuoli especially had this ring custom-made with that in mind so I could wear this small one to school without drawing attention.”

Han Leilei snorted. “Look at how they’re looking at you.”

Surprised, Lu Man realized she’d been caught up with answering Zheng Yuan and her friends’ questions the moment she came and did not notice her other classmates. Hearing Han Leilei’s words made her notice that the other students seemed to be looking at her.

Lu Man turned to look, but they shifted their gazes away immediately when she looked over suddenly, all pretending as if they were not watching her.

But Lu Man still caught the ridicule in their eyes.

Lu Man was curious as to why they were looking at her that way.

Han Leilei explained, “They’re laughing at your small wedding ring.”

Then she turned to Zheng Yuan and poked her. “You too. You could’ve been quieter, but now everyone knows Lu Man’s married.”

Zheng Yuan clasped her hands together. “Sorry, sorry, I didn’t think that…”

Lu Man said nonchalantly, “It doesn’t matter. I wear it for people to know that I’m married. There’s nothing to hide.”

Han Leilei pursed her lips. “They’re looking at your insignificant ring and probably gossiping behind our backs about whether you’ve broken up with your original boyfriend and found a poor sod to marry.”

Han Leilei actually got it correct.

Lu Man laughed. She did not care about what others think.

“Gosh!” Pan Xue looked at her phone, startled.

Han Leilei said helplessly, “Speak softer.”

Pan Xue quickly covered her mouth and, seeing that the people around them had looked over, said softly, “No idea where the source is, but the Internet has caught wind that Han Zhuoli’s wife is Wang Juhuai’s daughter.”

“Isn’t that too far-fetched?” Zheng Yuan said. “How did Wang Juhuai suddenly have a daughter? Isn’t it well-known that Wang Juhuai never had a kid?”

“I don’t know. The Internet says anything nowadays. Some say that Wang Juhuai actually had a child but never announced it, some say she’s Wang Juhuai’s illegitimate child, and others say she’s Wang Juhuai’s stepdaughter. There are all types of guesses,” Pan Xue said.

Han Leilei frowned. “So what does this have to do with Wang Juhuai? Lu Man and Wang Juhuai don’t have any relations at all.”

Looking at Lu Man’s dark countenance, Zheng Yuan asked, “How’s the matter going to be clarified?”

“No need,” Lu Man said darkly. “This is true.”

“What?” The three of them were stunned. “You… You… how…”

Lu Man?

Wang Juhuai?

They’re connected somehow?

“He’s my stepfather,” Lu Man said. “But not many know that he married my mom. I only started calling him Dad yesterday, so how did the person who exposed this find out so quickly? But what surprises me most is that this person clearly know it’s me.”




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