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(A Waste of God’s Gifts)

“However, Dad is different. He rarely accepts interviews and never attends any kind of public event. He also stayed overseas for many years, so the public’s recognition of him has all been through unofficial translation carried over from websites from other countries. After all, we can’t access those overseas websites. At least within the country, no one has ever really gotten to know Dad, so they do not know anything about him and will be curious. As long as word goes out that Dad is attending the finale episode of Classic X Files, it would surely become the hottest news at the moment. This is not an exaggeration.”

A great, internationally-renowned musician was certainly no joke.

Even the best exclusive interview show in the country that could interview Wang Juhuai for one full episode would surely shock the whole country.

What more if Wang Juhuai was simply attending a variety show as a mystery guest?

This felt like…

A waste of God’s gifts!

“Saying that the viewership ratings will hit 2.2% is a conservative estimate. In fact, it’s hard for me to say how high the viewership ratings will reach,” said Lu Man.

Xia Qingwei was not just into the entertainment industry now. For Lu Man’s sake, she had also started to research on viewership ratings.

For variety shows to surpass 2.0% in viewership ratings was considered excellent results. This would effectively make the show the top one when it came to viewership ratings in the country without a doubt.

The least they could expect was 2.2%, and it might even increase. What kind of concept was that?

They could probably break a record with this!

If Wang Juhuai could go, Lu Dongliu would probably be overjoyed.

“Furthermore, be it in the country or overseas, Dad has never attended any show. Once Dad attends Classic X Files and this news spreads overseas, the international audience would also search for this episode of Classic X Files and watch. Our national shows might just step out into the international stage with this. If Dad goes, I might not be the one benefiting the most from this. I think it will be Classic X Files.”

Xia Qingwei immediately said, “Then why are you still considering it? We must let your dad go. If you are going on stage, your dad must go give you support and boost your standing. It’s fine if we let the production team glean some advantages. Furthermore, Lu Dongliu had even offended Liang Chengbing for you. Just based on this, we should remember his kindness. He helped us, so we should help him as well.”

True, this help was seriously way too huge.

However, Xia Qingwei felt that it did not matter.

If both of them had ties with each other, there would be no way of calculating who helped whom more.

“Exactly, exactly.” Wang Juhuai puffed out his chest and stood up straight as he felt exceptionally tall under Xia Qingwei’s gaze. “Lu Dongliu helped you, so we should help him with his show as well. That’s quite nice. Since you think I’m suitable for this show, it’s all settled. I will be your mystery guest. You’re not allowed to look for another person.”

“Okay,” Lu Man happily agreed.

She knew that Wang Juhuai was doing this all for her. Or else, he would not even bother attending such shows.

She really had a complete family now. No matter what happened, either Han Zhuoli or a respectable senior like him would protect and help her.

Lu Man smiled at Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuai, feeling that her heart was filled with warmth.


Two days passed just like this. Lu Dongliu had yet to ask Lu Man who she found to be her mystery guest.

He felt that even if he were to ask someone else to help find someone, this would take time as well, so he did not ask.

Meanwhile, Liang Chengbing had not received a reply from Lu Dongliu, so he knew that he had probably chosen Lu Man and not him.

Liang Chengbing was very perplexed over this matter.



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