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(Quick, Show Me)

Things were put away and clothes were changed, and they were given to Auntie He to be sent for washing.

Lu Man cleaned herself up as well to ready herself for bed.


Since her first lesson was at 10 am, Lu Man need not wake up too early.

Still dazed from her sleep, she heard rustling sounds from beside her.

Lu Man’s eyes opened a slit after much struggle.

The light from outside the window was not too bright, throwing the room into a blurry haze with its pale green glow.

Lu Man could barely make out Han Zhuoli’s silhouette.

Stretching out her hands, Lu Man groped blindly before switching on the light.

The room brightened in an instant.

“Did I wake you?” Han Zhuoli turned to look at her.

Lu Man shook her head. “Why didn’t you switch on the light?”

“Might wake you up.” Han Zhuoli was wearing his blouse.

Lu Man turned to lie on her side and use her arms as pillows while looking at him comfortably. “S’alright, I can sleep even with the lights on. You shouldn’t stumble around in the dark. What if you hurt yourself?”

Han Zhuoli swiftly dressed himself thanks to the bright light.

When he walked over to her, he already had his familiar scent of mint on him.

Han Zhuoli lowered his head to kiss her on the lips, and the minty flavor of his toothpaste went from his mouth to hers.

“You sleep,” Han Zhuoli said softly, “I’ll go first.”

Lu Man had found out that Han Zhuoli would go to work early in the morning, far earlier than all his employees, only after living with him.

A typical employee would arrive at the company before 9 am, but Han Zhuoli would usually arrive at 7 am to start a day’s work.

But he changed his habits to chauffeur her—to work from home first before going to fetch her on his way when it was time.

Ever since Lu Man moved in with him, and because it was a school break, Han Zhuoli had gone back to his previous routine.

Now that Han Zhuoli had arranged a private chauffeur, Xiao Guo, for her, he did not need to drive for her personally.

Lu Man hooked Han Zhuoli’s neck with both arms and dragged him down, kissing his freshly shaven chin.

There was no stubble, only the clean smell of his aftershave.

“Come back early,” Lu Man said as she released him.

With her at home, he wished fervently that he did not have to go to work. He’d much rather work from home and keep her company. So how would he stay out late? Han Zhuoli thought.

“I’ll be home early as long as nothing crops up,” Han Zhuoli promised.

Hearing this, Lu Man frowned and said, “Never mind, then. Don’t rush and push yourself too hard and make yourself so tired.”

Han Zhuoli laughed. This little girl wanted him home early yet was afraid for him to be tired.

“Go on, then.” Lu Man was embarrassed to delay him any longer.

“Okay.” Han Zhuoli kissed her forehead. “Go back to sleep.”

Lu Man nodded but insisted on watching him leave the bedroom. She heard—faintly, from downstairs—him close the door and leave before going to sleep again.

Han Zhuoli left at 6 am, and Lu Man slept until 8:30 am.

After she had freshened up and ate breakfast, Xiao Guo sent her to school.

Because she started school a few days late, everyone looked at her when she entered the classroom.

Lu Man smiled and went to her seat.

Zheng Yuan turned around and grabbed Lu Man’s hand. “Quick, let me see.”

“What?” Lu Man asked.

“The wedding ring!” Zheng Yuan said.

Han Zhuoli had already posted pictures of his marriage certificate on Weibo. No one else but Lu Man would be his wife.

Zheng Yuan’s voice was neither loud nor soft, and usually, it would be drowned out by the chatterings of other students.



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