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(Continuous Invites)

They were especially proactive in helping Lin Jinshu expand her connections because of her links to Wang Juhuai. They aggressively promoted all kinds of operations and bragged about her. As long as they could form long-term friendly working relations with Lin Jinshu, if they ever needed help from Wang Juhuai, would Wang Juhuai refuse?

And how did that turn out?

Lin Jinshu was slapped and berated by Wang Juhuai publicly. CEO Lin and a few others who had introduced Lin Jinshu were utterly embarrassed because of this as well.

They wanted to use Lin Jinshu to boost their prestige, but they ended up embarrassing themselves to no end.

Why would they still want to work with Lin Jinshu? It was good enough that they did not seek revenge on her.

The other party did not hide and made their stand very clear. They even vented all their rage towards Lin Jinshu on Assistant Qian.

Assistant Qian felt very wronged too. However, he did not dare to tell Lin Jinshu all these directly.

“Enough,” Lin Jinshu said. “I’ll ask him myself.”

Lin Jinshu ended the call and called CEO Lin immediately.

After a long time, CEO Lin finally picked up. “Madam Lin.”

Lin Jinshu took in a deep breath. Her tone was very polite and she said, “CEO Lin, why did I hear from my assistant that you decided not to continue working with me anymore?”

“Yes,” CEO Lin replied stiffly.

“What’s going on? Didn’t we already agree on this?” Lin Jinshu asked.

CEO Lin replied coldly, “We only talked about this before and did not formally sign an agreement. Furthermore, as long as no contract has been signed, I reserve the right to rescind my words. Why do you make it sound as if I did something wrong? You’re actually questioning me now.”

CEO Lin’s words just now were very rude.

Lin Jinshu’s face changed. “CEO Lin, that is not what I meant.”

“I won’t beat around the bush,” CEO Lin said coldly. “Don’t you have any idea why I went back on my words? You’re the one who lied to me first. You don’t even have basic integrity and you want me to work with you? I’m afraid that you will just lie to me again.”

Lin Jinshu almost choked before she said, “CEO Lin, I have my own difficulties in this matter.”

“I don’t care what difficulties you have. Anyway, I don’t dare to trust you. This time, because of you, I embarrassed myself so much. I can’t afford to lose face to this extent again. Madam Lin, you don’t need to contact me anymore in the future either,” CEO Lin said sternly. “Goodbye.”

Before Lin Jinshu could reply, CEO Lin ended the call.

Lin Jinshu’s anger was all pent up in her heart. She had never felt so aggrieved before!

She took in two deep breaths to regain her composure and started to call the others.

Some others did not sound as stern as CEO Lin. After all, CEO Lin suffered the most humiliation because of Lin Jinshu. However, they were definitely not any more polite either.

In the end, no matter what Lin Jinshu said, they all insisted not to work with Lin Jinshu again.

Lin Jinshu thought of going to find Wang Juhuai at this moment. However, he had already resolved his issue with her and was no longer under her threat. Why would Wang Juhuai still need to listen to her? He had long ago blacklisted her number.

After this incident, Lu Man’s student life regained peace.

She was just waiting for the results from the Fei Yue Film Festival.

After her name was sent in, no matter whether she was nominated or declared the winner, the organizers would surely contact her.

If she was nominated, she naturally had to attend the film festival.

If she was the award winner, she would need to prepare an acceptance speech.

However, before Lu Man received any news from the organizers, she first got a call from Lu Dongliu.

“Director Lu?” Lu Man said with a smile. “We haven’t talked in a while. Why did you suddenly think of me?”

Ever since she helped Classic X Files to throw hate on The Performer until it was suspended indefinitely, Lu Dongliu had had nothing to be stressed about at all.



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