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(Lu Man, Lu Man. Why Is It Always Lu Man?!)

“Hahahaha, my Lu Man is obviously unpredictable. Every time you think that she’ll fail, she’ll use her actions to prove you wrong! So many people have underestimated her before. Let me tell y’all, better not make some early conclusions next time there’s anything about Lu Man or you’ll be proved wrong again.”

“Actually, sometimes, Lu Man’s not out to prove people wrong on purpose. Sometimes, it’s because the netizens make wild guesses and the guesses were so far off the mark, so they inadvertently got proven wrong by Lu Man. Sometimes, it’s because the netizens don’t believe her and get proven wrong, right in their faces.”

“That’s right. Just like previously, Liang Chengbing’s Weibo post is such a good example. Many chose to believe Liang Chengbing’s words, and it turned out they were the idiots.”

“Lin Yantao’s over already. Lu Man’s appearing soon!”

“Already waiting for it!”

“Just came from Friday (with the Stars). I’m curious who Lu Man invited as well.”

Hence, many audiences watching Friday (with the Stars) switched over to watch Classic X Files.

The broadcasting stations were able to view real-time data about audience viewership ratings.

At first, Classic X Files performed slightly worse than Friday (with the Stars).

All of a sudden, the viewership ratings for Friday (with the Stars) plummeted.

“What’s happening?!” Chief Hu never left and was also working overtime in the broadcasting station.

“No idea. We’re losing audience fast!”

“I know,” someone said. “Look at Weibo. Many of them went to watch Classic X Files.”

“What’s so good about that show? Not like they invited really impressive guests,” Chief Hu scoffed.

“Seems that Lu Man was scheduled to appear as the grand finale, so the viewers are really curious who she invited this time around.”

Chief Hu fumed, “Lu Man, Lu Man. Why is it always Lu Man?! Who could she have invited? I don’t believe she can invite anyone remotely impressive! It’s just some tricks that Classic X Files is using! They purposely made Lu Man the last act so that people will mistakenly believe she’s really marvelous and switch over to watch. This is defintiely Lu Man’s idea. Isn’t this her specialty?!”

Meanwhile, Lu Man had already gone on stage in the show.

“Where’s the secret guest? How come there’s only Lu Man by herself?”

“It’s already been 10 minutes, and not even a hint of the secret guest. Did Lu Man invite no one?”

“Then who’s the Guest W that the production team publicized? They’ve never appeared before.”

“F*ck! Cheated by the production team and Lu Man! Liars!”

“What’s so fun about playing with our feelings? What a total waste of time, not gonna watch anymore!”

“Me too. Disgusting!”

“Wait. The secret guest’s figure at the official webpage has not lit up either. What’s the matter?”

“Give up, man, this isn’t even live-streamed. It’s pre-recorded, what can happen?”

Finally, a netizen who had been to the filming at the event location spoke up. “Can you people be more patient? It’s only been 10 minutes and y’all are raging about them lying just because you have no patience? I’d been to the filming, and let me tell you guys, you’re in for a treat after this performance. The production team didn’t lie, and Lu Man didn’t lie. The secret guest is really a heavyweight and is gonna appear soon.”

Another audience who went to the filming also wrote, “That’s right. Furthermore, can’t we just watch Lu Man’s performance calmy? Even if there was no secret guest, isn’t Lu Man’s performance good too? I don’t think it’s worse than the original!”

“You all claim to have watched the filming. Who knows if it’s true?”



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