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(An Awkward but Polite Smile)

Lu Qi pursed her lips. “Who knows if he really married Xia Qingwei? Maybe he said it and now his wife came to find him, meaning Xia Qingwei now has nothing to do with him at all.”

Though Lu Qi did not go for the Municipal Dinner last time, she heard what had happened that night from Xia Qingyang.

Thus, Lu Qi had been intensely jealous during that period of time.

With Wang Juhuai as her stepfather, Lu Man was now no longer worse off than her. Rather, Lu Man beat her by a mile!

Now that another Mrs. Wang appeared, she naturally desperately wished that this Mrs. Wang was real and Xia Qingwei had been fooled.

He Zhengbai frowned. “Wang Juhuai doesn’t seem like a careless man.”

Lu Qi would never admit Wang Juhuai was with Xia Qingwei.

The Net had previously exposed that Han Zhuoli’s wife was Wang Juhuai’s daughter.

But it was well-known that Wang Juhuai had no children. The most he could have was just a stepdaughter, which would be Lu Man.

If that was the case, wouldn’t that mean Lu Man was Han Zhuoli’s wife?

How could it be?!

Though Lu Man’s fiance also had the last name Han, rumors were circulating in class that Lu Man had long since broken up with that fiance.

Moreover, the ring on his wife’s hand shown in the picture Han Zhuoli posted was obviously different from the one Lu Man wore.

This was the best evidence!

That’s what she thought. How could Lu Man actually be Han Zhuoli’s wife?

See, now Wang Juhuai’s real wife had come.

Nothing to do with Xia Qingwei and Lu Man at all.

Lu Qi hung onto He Zhengbai’s arm. “But listen to Lin Jinshu. She’s so methodical, and she knows everything about Wang Juhuai. Doesn’t seem like she’s lying. From what I see, Xia Qingwei’s definitely fooled by Wang Juhuai.”

He Zhengbai knew about Lu Man and Han Zhuoli since Han Zhuoli had given him a lesson personally.

For some reason unknown to him—maybe he was really afraid of Han Zhuoli—He Zhengbai told no one about Han Zhuoli and Lu Man, and that included Lu Qi.

But based on what he saw, since Lu Man had Han Zhuoli, Han Zhuoli would never let his mother-in-law be unfairly treated and let anyone bully Lu Man and Xia Qingwei.

He Zhengbai said nothing, but his sight never left Lin Jinshu.

Lin Jinshu’s newly acquired friend brought her to Mayor He.

“Mayor He, let me introduce you two. This is Lin Jinshu, Madam Lin, an American-Chinese entrepreneur,” someone introduced.

CEO Lin and the others were at the side.

Lin Jinshu was recommended by him. If Lin Jinshu was valued here, he would share the glory as well.

That meant the person he brought was worth everyone’s high regard.

Mayor He was stunned while Mrs. He looked at Lin Jinshu in surprise, though mindfully not saying anything.

Mayor He gave an awkward but polite smile. “This… Mrs. Wang… is Mr. Wang Juhuai’s wife?”

“Are you surprised too, Mayor He?” That person had yet to notice Mayor He’s weird reaction, thinking that Mayor He was probably too surprised.

“Mrs. Wang followed Mr. Wang back to this country. Because Mr. Wang has long-term plans to develop his career here, Mrs. Wang thought to slowly bring her business here as well,” that person said.

Mayor He secretly squeezed Mrs. He’s hand and she immediately knew his meaning. She smiled and asked, “If this is Mrs. Wang, then the woman Mr. Wang brought to the Municipal Dinner back then was…?”

That person was stunned. What did she mean?




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