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(What Is Going On?)

“It’s a pity that you have yet to hold a concert in the country,” Lin Yantao said regretfully. “I haven’t been able to get tickets to your overseas concerts so far, or I would have especially flown overseas to attend your concerts.”

Having money alone would not guarantee that one would be able to buy tickets to Wang Juhuai’s concert.

Each time he was about to hold a concert, many of the rich and famous would start to pull strings to buy tickets.

In the end, other people would not be able to get tickets at all.

Furthermore, Wang Juhuai could not hold numerous concerts at all.

Holding one concert once a year was already hard to guarantee, which made the tickets even more hard to get.

Lin Yantao could afford the tickets, but he could not get them still!

Wang Juhuai smiled and turned to Lu Dongliu. “Will there be enough time on the show today?”

Lu Dongliu was shocked!

Was Wang Juhuai thinking of performing a piece live on stage?

Then the audience members who came for the recording today would have totally gotten a steal!

The tickets to their show cost only a few hundred dollars. However, even the cheapest of Wang Juhuai’s concert tickets were worth tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention all the other additional costs that came with traveling overseas that domestic audiences would have to undertake.

The thought of people paying a few hundred dollars to listen to a performance that was worth thousands actually made Lu Dongliu’s heart ache a little.

“Do you want to…?” Lu Dongliu tried to hide the excitement in his voice, afraid that he might have gotten the wrong idea, so he asked in a really careful voice.

Wang Juhuai said amiably, “If there is enough time on the show, I can perform a piece live. Will that be suitable?”

“It is suitable! It’s perfect!” Lu Dongliu gushed excitedly as his voice suddenly went up a notch, giving everyone a scare.

He immediately tried to calm himself down in embarrassment and said, “Our show is recorded, so even if the show exceeds the usual timing, it can be edited and cut afterward. Furthermore, this is your performance we are talking about! Anything is worth it!”

Oh my god, Wang Juhuai was not only making his international variety debut on their show, but he was also going to perform in the country for the first time on it!

That’s right, it would be his first domestic performance!

Although it would probably only be one song, it was also Wang Juhuai’s first time performing on stage domestically!

Lu Dongliu could no longer hold back the excitement he felt. The viewership ratings for their finale episode would surely hit the roof!

It might probably become a classic in the history of variety!

Chief Lu immediately said, “Since this is the finale episode, we can make it a special episode with an extended duration. We will hold a meeting with the various departments after this to settle the airtime and duration for this episode. We can shift the shows before and after Classic X Files a little to make time for this finale episode.”

As this was the best show on Dong Hua Station, Lu Dongliu had always been highly valued by the station.

However, there had never been a time like this when the station gave him their full and utmost support.

At that moment, his heart swelled immensely with pride.

The emcee, Fan Yue, had also heard the news that Wang Juhuai came, so he quickly rushed over.

“Chief Lu, Director Lu, Mr. Wang!” Fan Yue exclaimed as he looked at Wang Juhuai in excitement.

Wang Juhuai smiled politely and greeted, “Hello.”

“Hello, hello! I am Fan Yue, the emcee for this show.” Despite being an emcee who makes a living with his glib tongue, Fan Yue was so excited he almost stuttered.

“I know. Since Man Man is coming on this show, I naturally had to check, so I watched a few earlier episodes of your shows to get a general understanding of things,” Wang Juhuai explained as he smiled.

Fan Yue stared at Lu Man in astonishment.

What was going on?!

Was Wang Juhuai that close to Lu Man?

Lin Yantao was also stunned.

Just like Jiang Yuhan, he thought that Wang Juhuai was a guest that the production team had spent an unimaginable amount of money and effort to invite.

He belonged in the classics team.



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