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(True Love)

This also explained why, not long after he returned to China, he got married to Xia Qingwei.

Even though he didn’t say it in detail, if they read between the lines closely, everyone could guess that it hadn’t been easy between the two of them either.

“Looks like they knew each other from long ago.”

“Sigh! If only Xia Qingwei didn’t have that misunderstanding with Wang Juhuai at the start, the two of them would have gotten married and she wouldn’t have suffered so much.”

“Who just said that she was lucky? She completely isn’t. Two people were clearly in love yet they both couldn’t be together. Instead, because of a misunderstanding, they missed each other for so many years. If both of them were leading a good life, however, that would have been alright, but clearly, they didn’t. Wang Juhuai has been divorced for ten years while Xia Qingwei met a scum like Lu Qiyuan. To me, she wasn’t lucky at all. She had extremely rotten luck.”

“Thankfully, both of them are together now. Perhaps this is fate’s way of making it up to them.”

“You guys read that news about Lin Jinshu before, right?”

“Yes, I saw that Wang Juhuai even personally had to give a statement. He was extremely livid.”

“He’s been divorced from his ex-wife for ten years already, yet even until now, she is still addressing herself as Mrs. Wang to other people. No matter who it is, they wouldn’t be able to tolerate it either.”

“They have already been divorced for ten years yet she’s still doing this. This was even something that Wang Juhuai found out. Who knows how much he hasn’t found out about yet?”

“That’s right. Just from how Lin Jinshu is behaving, I believe that it definitely wasn’t Wang Juhuai to blame for the divorce between them. That woman clearly isn’t any good.”

“Thankfully, Wang Juhuai is once again with Xia Qingwei.”

“Sigh, it sure is touching. Wang Juhuai could still get together with his first love.”

“That’s right. Wang Juhuai must still be pretty popular even at his age. However, he still chose to be with his first love. This must be true love. I really think that this is really rare.”

Everyone thought that Wang Juhuai was done after his couple of simple sentences. To their surprise, Wang Juhuai continued, “I got to meet my wife because she was the daughter of my mentor. Back then, we were both learning the violin under him.”

Fan Yue didn’t know about this and asked in surprise, “Mrs. Wang is a violinist too?”

“I wouldn’t dare call myself a violinist, I just know how to play the violin. I used to be a violin teacher in the past and taught children how to play the violin. I just hope that more children will start liking the violin too. I don’t wish for much success, I just hope that they will like playing the violin. I hope that more and more people will start learning about the violin too, or just know about it. If, among all these children, one of them could become a violinist in the future, that would be very good too,” Xia Qingwei explained.

“You said ‘in the past,’ then how about now?” Fan Yue asked.

“I just resigned not long ago,” Xia Qingwei explained.

“Then will you not be teaching the violin anymore?” Fan Yue asked. “Or will you be furthering your studies in this field?”

“I naturally will continue in this area. I’m going to take a break for a while after resigning, then think about how I want to develop myself in the future.”

“You are too humble. If there isn’t a teacher like you, perhaps there might not be a great musician like Mr. Wang in the future,” Fan Yue praised.

“That’s right.” Wang Juhuai nodded. “I never felt that my wife’s skills were beneath mine. We were both just focusing on different areas.”

“That’s right.” Fan Yue nodded. “Mr. Wang, you are standing on the international stage to let more people find out about the violin while Mrs. Wang focuses on what is right before her eyes, teaching those children who found out about the beauty of the violin to truly learn more about it in depth.”

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