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(No Need to Feel Troubled)

“For the finale episode, I invited you and a few other guests.” Lu Dongliu told Lu Man the list of guests he invited and continued, “The last person I invited is Liang Chengbing. However, he said there can only be him without you, and he even said that it is not just for our show. He said that even for other shows, as long as he was invited, you can’t be on the show. If you are, then he won’t attend the show.”

Lu Dongliu’s voice sank a little. “Director Liang is an A-list director, after all. His status in the industry has considerable weight. He obviously wants to ban you from the industry with his words. If he were to say this to other people, I’m afraid a lot of other shows would not invite you. Even if they don’t invite him, they won’t invite you, because Liang Chengbing has already made it clear that he wants to ban you. Even if those shows don’t invite Liang Chengbing but also don’t invite you again, they will still get into the good books of Liang Chengbing.”

After all, with so many artistes around, one less Lu Man was not really a loss for them.

Lu Man was shocked. However, Lu Dongliu continued to ask, “So, how exactly did you offend him?”

Lu Man thought about it and recited Liang Chengbing’s name three times in her mind before she finally recalled it. “Sounds of Winter is directed by him, right?”

“Yeah, the movie had just finished shooting. It is making preparations to be aired now. It is also because of this that I considered inviting him. He needed publicity for his movie, so it should have been easier to invite him,” Lu Dongliu said.

Lu Man laughed. “Do you remember the news about Sounds of Winter blocking off the roads back then? At that time, my mother’s house was situated right on that road, which was also blocked. No one could come in or go out from there. I went to visit my mom, but I was forced to stay outside. The situation was the same for many of the residents there and we protested there together. Someone spread the news online and I helped to share the post. The incident blew up because of that, and the Sounds of Winter production crew had had no choice but to remove the roadblock and shoot at another location.”

“I think Liang Chengbing might be bearing grudges against me for this,” Lu Man said. “But this is just my guess. Aside from this incident, I don’t have any other relations with Liang Chengbing.”

Lu Dongliu laughed from anger. “That Liang Chengbing is so narrow-minded.”

It’s your fault for blocking off the road, but now you’re even so shameless as to ban others?

“Director Lu, how will you decide on this matter?” Lu Man did not want to pressure Lu Dongliu, so she said, “I understand this matter. If you want to invite Liang Chengbing, I will also think that this is a very normal choice.”

Lu Dongliu was quite embarrassed about it. “Lu Man…”

Lu Man laughed. “I’m not being sarcastic when I say this; neither am I sugarcoating my words. This is what I really feel. Compared to Liang Chengbing, I really don’t have that much competitiveness. Let’s just talk about work and leave our ties aside. It’s very normal to choose Liang Chengbing. I also feel that when it comes to work, not everything can be based on kinship or friendship ties. So I really understand where you’re coming from. You don’t have to feel troubled.”

“I am already very grateful that you told me about this. I would otherwise not have known that I’ve actually become an eyesore to Liang Chengbing,” Lu Man said. From hearing her tone, one could tell that she really did not seem affected. “Furthermore, if you choose me and reject Liang Chengbing, given his temper, you might be blacklisted by him as well. He may also make things difficult for you next time.”

Speaking of that, she and Lu Dongliu’s ties were not actually that close.

Both of them worked well together and should have basic trust for each other.

But to let Lu Dongliu offend Liang Chengbing for her?

It was impossible.

Hence, if Lu Dongliu chose Liang Chengbing, she would really understand. She would not feel upset or disappointed.



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