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(Mistress of the House)

“What with the frequent wars, it’s not unusual that the royal treasuries were empty. Yet not long after, there were rumors circulating among the commoners that the majority of the vast treasures of the six states were smuggled out and hidden before they were vanquished, so the Qin sent out many scouts to search among the people.”

“The survivors of the six royal families thus changed their names. They used the states’ names as their new surnames while their royal clans’ surnames were used in their courtesy names. Eventually, this became a tradition of the eight great families passed down until now. But the Han Family is different from the other seven. For instance, the surname of the royal family of the state of Qi was ‘Jiang.’ Hence, their courtesy names would include the word ‘Jiang.’ But the Han ancestors were originally named Han. They did change their surnames to avoid scrutiny by the Qin forces, but they reverted to their original surnames after the Qin fell. So we don’t have courtesy names,” Han Zhuoli explained.

“The history of the eight great families is so complicated. Each family can just publish a history book on their own.” Lu Man was speechless.

Han Zhuoli laughed. “We do actually have such books on the family history in each respective family—recordings made from the time of our ancestors until now. How could I know so much ’bout these events from a bygone age otherwise?”

“If you’re interested, you can ask Old Mr. Han to let you take a look the next time we visit the family home. The book is in his study room,” Han Zhuoli said.

“May I?” Lu Man’s interest was piqued.

“Of course.” Han Zhuoli nodded. “You have to know these things sooner or later. When you become the mistress of the Han Family, you should know the history of the Han Family clearly. Else, who can tell it to our children?”

It was a simple sentence without any big or beautiful words.

But a vivid image blossomed in Lu Man’s mind.

Surrounded by her children, she was narrating to them the history of the Han Family.

And after a few decades, when the children around her became her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, she would still be telling them about the Han Family history.

Including the one about Han Zhuoli and her.

Lu Man felt so happy with the beautiful image that she covered her mouth to laugh.

Han Zhuoli was tickled looking at her. Squatting by the luggage with her shoulders shaking and hands covering her mouth, she looked like a hamster secretly having fun.

Han Zhuoli walked over to squat behind her.

With his height and long legs, his legs were still overwhelmingly long even when squatting with his legs folded, trapping her within his two thighs.

“What are you laughing about?” Han Zhuoli asked, wondering what was making her laugh so joyfully and sweetly.

Lu Man told him about the picture in her mind. “Isn’t this wonderful?”

Han Zhuoli pecked her on the lips twice. “It’s great. But to have this baby, we have to work hard too.”

Lu Man touched her stomach. Both of them were taking preventive measures right now, at least until her junior year, when she could start preparing for conception.

Lu Man suddenly felt impatient.

“Really want to give you a child right now,” Lu Man said regretfully.

Han Zhuoli: “…”

They had just married—he still wanted to have alone time with her!

If it wasn’t for Old Mrs. Han’s impatience, he did not even want Lu Man to be prepared for conception in her junior year.

They had to at least enjoy a few years of quality time with each other!

Who knew that Lu Man was even more anxious than Old Mrs. Han?

“Rest early. Don’t you have school tomorrow?” Han Zhuoli gritted his teeth.

This girl, didn’t she want to spend more time with him alone?

So anxious for a kid to come and make trouble.

Hearing this, Lu Man grew dispirited.

For in the past seven days, she had spent all day every day by Han Zhuoli’s side, and it became a habit. To suddenly attend school and part with him for the day and not see him for a long time made Lu Man not look forward to tomorrow.



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