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(Find Someone to Take Over)

“Look at the ring on her finger,” Fan Xiyue said. “A thin band without a center stone, only diamond accent stones. Her ring looks like it’s worth 1 or 2000 yuan max. If she really married the wealthy, would her wedding ring be so unexceptional? Forget about the wealthy, even the average rich won’t be like this!”

Everyone looked, and indeed, it was.

Such a thin band, it was really modest.

“Accent stones aren’t worth much. It’s alright if it’s for casual wear, but to use it for a wedding ring is unusual even for normal folks, let alone the rich. Aren’t Lu Man’s in-laws rich? Even if they aren’t extremely wealthy, they could drive a Bentley. How could they lack the money to buy a good diamond ring?” Zhuang Tingting sized up the thin accent-stone-lined ring resting on Lu Man’s finger from the side of her eye.

A light bulb went off in Fan Xiyue’s head. “Could it be that Lu Man broke up with her rich boyfriend?”

“I don’t think so. They were still together last semester. Even if they broke it off and she managed to snag a new boyfriend so quickly immediately after they broke up, it’s unlikely they’d marry this fast. It’s only been a few months! What is this, lightspeed?” Zhuang Tingting said, surprised.

Yu Jingxian glanced coolly at Lu Man while Fan Xiyue covered her mouth to snicker, saying, “Who knows? In this day and age, it’s not unheard of for pregnant girls whose ex-boyfriends refuse to take responsibility to find someone else to take over and marry them quickly. Anyway, there are many possibilities. I just don’t believe that she married that rich boyfriend. Would a person who drives a Bentley and a Mulsanne give her such a cheap ring?”

“Exactly. Did y’all see the pictures Han Zhuoli posted on Weibo, the marriage certificate ones?” Zhuang Tingting said.

“I did.” Fan Xiyue nodded. “But I have no idea who his wife is. Her face was never shown before until now. Even the paparazzi didn’t catch it.”

“Probably because they don’t dare publish without Han Zhuoli’s agreement even if they got her picture. The largest media in the country is Nan Yin, and the backer behind the largest paparazzi studio is also Nan Yin. Basically, Nan Yin controls more than half of the news regarding the entertainment industry. And Nan Jingheng is known for his good relations with Han Zhuoli, so even if they got her picture, they wouldn’t publish it. As for Nan Jingheng himself, he should have already known who Han Zhuoli’s wife is early on. For the remaining half, they wouldn’t dare offend Nan Yin and the Han Corporation, which are two big corporations.” As someone who had spent considerable time within the entertainment industry, Zhang Xiaoying knew more about such details better than Zhuang Tingting and her friends.

“I’m not asking you all to guess who Han Zhuoli’s wife is. There are so many women out there we’ve never even seen before. How do we even guess?” Zhuang Tingting said. “What I meant was, did y’all notice the wedding ring his wife is wearing in the picture?”

As Zhuang Tingting was speaking, Yu Jingxian already found the picture Han Zhuoli had posted. “Is it this?”

Zhuang Tingting looked and nodded. “Yes, yes, yes, it’s this.”

Her finger pointed at the screen. “Look at the woman’s ring finger. That’s a huge diamond ring there.”

“My gosh, that’s too big!” Fan Xiyue’s eyes were wide open in envy and jealousy. “Wonder who this woman really is? How lucky she is! The wealthy nowadays are either old or ugly. If he’s young, he’d be ugly; if he’s just alright-looking, he’d be a Casanova; and some claim to be young and rich but become bankrupt after marriage.”



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