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(Do You Think I’m Suitable?)

However, he was also unsure about the artistes’ schedules. “I will need to ask.”

“Ask what?” Wang Juhuai had walked out of the study room and happened to hear what Lu Man said to Han Zhuoli.

Xia Qingwei brought the cut fruits over. Before she went to cut the fruits, she had heard a bit of what Lu Man and Han Zhuoli were talking about.

She placed the fruits in front of them and tilted her head at Wang Juhuai as she said, “Why are you looking for other people? Isn’t there someone right here at home?”

“What do you mean?” Wang Juhuai still looked confused and did not know anything.

Xia Qingwei briefly explained, “Man Man will be participating in the finale episode recording of Classic X Files. She needs to find just one mystery guest this time, so she’s asking Zhuoli if any of the artistes in the company are free to attend.”

Lu Man explained, “I have already looked for Uncle Sun and Older Brother Ji last time. Both of them attended to help me, but I can’t keep troubling them. Firstly, both of them are very busy, so I can’t keep troubling them. Furthermore, both of them already appeared on the show before. If they attend again, the audience would not feel the novelty again, so the effect would not be as good as the first time around. This won’t be good for both of them either.”

The moment Wang Juhuai heard that, he pretended to be unhappy as he said, “Am I not high-profile enough to be your mystery guest? I’m actually not the first person you thought of, and you even wanted to find someone else you have no ties with?”

With no ties or interaction to mention, the chemistry between them would definitely be lacking.

Lu Man had certainly thought of this point before, but she had indeed not thought of Wang Juhuai.

She had only recently changed the way she addressed him. They were still a little awkward around each other, which was not something that would go away in a short time.

Furthermore, Lu Man even thought of how Wang Juhuai had never attended such variety shows before as a musician.

When he was in America, Wang Juhuai did not even agree to those famous talk shows when they tried to invite him.

It was obvious that he did not like such things.

If Lu Man asked, Wang Juhuai would definitely agree. However, she did not want to put him in a spot.

Wang Juhuai had the pride of an artiste in him. He just wanted to focus on his career and did not want to spend time on these kinds of things. He could not be bothered to deal with it, even if it was to promote himself.

Lu Man explained this, to which Wang Juhuai said in a blaming tone, “That’s to promote myself, so I can’t be bothered with those things. However, you are my daughter. Of course I have to help you in times like these. If you don’t tell me and go and ask someone else instead, aren’t you treating me like an outsider? Or do you think I’m not suitable? If you feel that the show doesn’t suit me, I won’t go and add trouble. But if you did think that I can be of help but didn’t ask me, I will be upset.”

“So, do you think I’m suitable?” Wang Juhuai asked.

“Of course,” Lu Man said as she nodded. Wang Juhuai was indeed an exceptionally suitable choice. “You are famous for not ever attending these activities. You rejected so many of those who had invited you to their shows. If the last time around was Uncle Sun and Older Brother Ji’s first appearance on variety shows, this time, it would be your first appearance on variety shows internationally. Normally, if the viewership ratings for finale episodes are around 1.8%, with your attendance, the ratings will surely hit at least 2.2% and even above it.”

“Wouldn’t that be even better than the ratings for the episode Director Sun and Director Ji attended?” Xia Qingwei asked in surprise.

“It will,” said Lu Man. “After all, Director Sun and Director Ji are famous only in the country. Dad is famous internationally, so his reputation is on a different level to begin with. Furthermore, the audience is not familiar with Dad. Let’s put it this way. To average audiences, Dad is almost like a God to be worshiped on the altar. Director Sun and Director Ji will still accept interviews and attend publicity events for their movies, movie premieres, and roadshows. There is still a portion of the public that has interacted closely with them before.”



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