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( A Slap in the Face)

Since the incident involving The Performer, Chief Hu had learned not to force down Classic X Files or anything, or even to fight for ratings with it and plan to push their ratings low.

Regarding this point, Chief Hu still had some rationality left in him.

However, he didn’t want the other party’s ratings to look too great either.

At least, he wanted it to be on par with Friday (with the Stars).

After all, Friday (with the Stars) had been on the air all this time while it would be the grand finale of Classic X Files. Typically, their ratings should be sky-high, but if their ratings were forced down to be average, not standing out all, then Chief Hu would have achieved his goal.

His main aim was to make Lu Man look bad.

Especially during the time when Lu Man was on stage. If he could snatch the audiences over to Friday (with the Stars) during that time, then it would be such a big fat slap on the face.

Moreover, this time, Chief Hu had learned greatly from his previous mistakes. He ordered that none of the staff in the station were to leak it out.

Even though he felt that Friday (with the Stars) wouldn’t lose, he wanted to be safe rather than sorry. He didn’t want to be embarrassed when the time came either.

This time, to fight against the finale of Classic X Files, Chief Hu specially channeled more funds to Friday (with the Stars) to get them to invite more heavyweight guests.

They managed to invite those really big heavyweights, but they would definitely ensure that there would be many fans.

Those fans would be willing to watch their show for the sake of their idols.

As for the four guests that they had invited, Chief Hu was rather pleased.

“The show will air tomorrow, how are the preparations coming?” Chief Hu confirmed with them again.

The executive director of Friday (with the Stars), Kuang Guanghui, said, “Everything has all been edited. I’ve watched the final cut too. It’s not bad. The content is rich, and there are many funny scenes. There will also be a large number of fans from Lu Hancheng and Park Sungjae. Even if they don’t usually watch our show, they would watch it for them.”

“Lu Man had already invited Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng before. She definitely wouldn’t pull the same trick twice. As long as Sun Yiwu or Ji Cheng isn’t there, no matter who she finds, we’ll not be afraid,” Kuang Guanghui said. “However, even if Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng were to be there, we won’t be afraid either. The guest lineup for our upcoming episode is honestly way too good. We didn’t have to do much publicity yet the netizens are already blowing up. All of them are saying that they will watch it.”

Chief Hu nodded in satisfaction. “Alright, I’ll leave the rest to you. Nothing can ever go wrong.”

“Yes,” Kuang Guanghui guaranteed.


In the blink of an eye, it was Friday night.

This was Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei’s first time on television. Therefore, Han Zhuoli and Lu Man were both gathered at Yi Garden to watch it all together.

Lu Man wasn’t concerned about her own performance. Hence, before Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei appeared, Lu Man was scrolling through Weibo as she watched.

“Lin Yantao is not bad, but Jiang Yuhan is a bit boring. Lu Man’s performance was very steady.”

“There’s nothing interesting at the start. I don’t want to watch it anymore. Friday (with the Stars) seems more interesting, I’ll go watch that instead.”

“I’ve started watching Friday (with the Stars) first too. Only Lin Yantao and Lu Man were interesting. Zheng Yikun was too over-the-top. I’ll just watch it tomorrow on the Internet, I could just skip past the parts that I don’t like.”

From the netizens’ comments, it seemed that quite some people had switched over to watch Friday (with the Stars).

Xia Qingwei saw it too and felt a little worried. “If that’s the case, won’t the ratings of the show be very low? It’s obvious that Xing Ke Station is going against you. What if they blame it all on you when the ratings are low?”



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