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(Is Lu Man Not Here Yet?)


Lu Dongliu could not help but laugh.

Who else would dare say that Lu Man had no background or connections?

Given Wang Juhuai’s status, a Hollywood female lead role might not be a guarantee, but for any other important role, as long as Lu Man wanted it, she would surely be able to get it.

What more within the country?

While the actresses in the country were still vying for the Best Actress title, Lu Man could already easily get roles both in and outside of the country.

It was just that no one knew about this yet and Lu Man never mentioned it, keeping a really low profile instead.

Even Chief Lu admired Lu Man.

Everyone knew that it had been a while since Wang Juhuai had remarried, but Lu Man actually did not mention anything at all.

If it were someone else, that person would have already announced it “accidentally” or used reporters to expose this and create publicity for themselves.

With Wang Juhuai’s reputation, how would people like Liang Chengbing dare to offend Lu Man?

Who’d have expected that Lu Man would not say anything?

Perhaps she did not want to use Wang Juhuai’s name to boost her career and just wanted to work hard using her own efforts.

Even if that was the case, they really could not help but admire her.

Lu Dongliu continued to explain, “Mr. Wang, as you are the mystery guest for our show, we will especially arrange for you to leave from another exit after the recording ends. This is to prevent your exposure, lest others take photos of you if you leave from the station’s main entrance.”

Wang Juhuai was fine with this arrangement. “I’ll follow your arrangements, it’s not an issue.”

Chief Lu and Lu Dongliu could not help but feel that Wang Juhuai agreed too readily. He was really amiable and did not put on airs at all. He did not have any special requests either and was really easygoing.

Lu Dongliu asked, “Mr. Wang, do you have any other requests? As long as you ask, we will do our best to meet them.”

Wang Juhuai laughed. “I don’t have any special requests, just give my wife a good seat. This is her first time seeing me and Man Man on stage. Also, when we’re on the stage later, please let the emcee know that Man Man plays the lead role, don’t let me take away her spotlight. Please try your best to showcase Man Man.”

He was really considerate of Lu Man and even thought of this.

“No problem.” Lu Dongliu immediately agreed. These were all trivial things.

Chief Lu checked the time. “The time is about right. Let’s go over together.”


At this moment, Jiang Yuhan and Zheng Yikun arrived in the dressing room backstage, as if they had agreed on the time together.

Lin Yantao and Zhang Sen had already had their makeup done. Both men were not idols to begin with. Although Lin Yantao was a fashionable and good-looking man, his image was that of a tough, good-looking man.

Both of them simply had foundation on and had had their eyebrows drawn so that they will look better on camera.

When Jiang Yuhan and Zheng Yikun came, they bowed very respectfully to Lin Yantao and Zhang Sen as they greeted them, “Teacher Lin, Teacher Zhang, apologies, we came late and made you both wait.”

“There’s no waiting, the recording hasn’t started anyway,” Lin Yantao said politely.

Jiang Yuhan glanced across the surroundings and did not see Lu Man at all.

She felt that this timing should have been sufficiently late, but she never thought that she would actually lose to Lu Man!

“Director Chi, Lu Man isn’t here yet?” Jiang Yuhan asked.

Chi Xingrui smiled and said, “Lu Man is already here. However, she has some things to settle, so she will need some time before she can come over.”

Jiang Yuhan frowned lightly. “Is she so busy? She came already but she’s not even here.”

She was really putting on some airs.

Lin Yantao and Zhang Sen were already here, yet Lu Man actually dared to put on airs.

She really did not know where Lu Man got her confidence from.

However, Jiang Yuhan was smarter than Qiao Luna. She did not say it directly. She just shook her head resignedly and sat down to let the makeup artist put on her makeup. She said politely, “Sorry I came a little late. I rushed here right after I got off the plane. I put on some light makeup on my way here, you can just help me touch up a bit. It should not be too much trouble.”



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