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(Grand Finale)

“Don’t be worried, Dad hasn’t gone up yet. ” Lu Man was calm and steady, not a bit anxious. “We’ll see when the ‘secret guest’ segment starts. The previous segments featured only us, and that indeed didn’t make quite an appeal. But I’m sure Director Lu has his plans to put the main attraction as the last segment.

“Moreover, look at the ruckus on the Net. In reality, Classic X Files does have its own loyal fanbase. Friday (with the Stars) happens every week, but after this season finale of Classic X Files, fans will have to wait another year for a new season, so they’ll not want to miss this episode for sure. We can’t tell how many are Xing Ke Station’s hired paid posters among those making noise,” Lu Man explained.

“And you’ve seen the filming. Zheng Yikun performed really well, nothing like what the netizens said. Of course, that’s excluding personal likes and dislikes. At the very least, he’s not as bad as it was said. So it’s really hard to gauge how many of the commenters were actual viewers and how many were paid posters.”

Xia Qingwei trusted Lu Man’s judgment.

Finally, it was time for the mystery guest segment. The main page of Dong Hua Station’s Classic X Files followed the same method it did when the third episode aired.

Every time a secret guest appeared, the guest’s figure would be lit up.

There was nothing much when Jiang Yuhan and Shen Cang appeared.

Some netizens commented that “it was obvious they came to publicize Sounds of Winter.”

Zheng Yikun and his secret guest acted in a skit together.

Punchlines were delivered one after another.

“Zheng Yikun’s skit is so funny! Never thought that Zheng Yikun would invite his teacher. This skit is far better than the Spring Festival Gala’s!”

“Not bad. No wonder it’s *Classic X Files’*s key segment.”

“Who’s the next one? Lu Man hasn’t appeared yet. She isn’t left for the grand finale again, is she?”

“Don’t scare me. Apart from Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng, who else could she invite? Who else can compare with Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng? It’s not like she’d invite them again.”

“Even if Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng are willing, there’s nothing new to anticipate anymore. We’ve already seen them before, so seeing them again would be lame and unsurprising. How then could that be considered ‘secret guest’?”

“No idea who Lu Man has invited this time. Even if she was the third guest to appear and not the last, it’s more than enough to highlight how ‘big’ her secret guest is already.”

“It’s not bad appearing as the third guest. Even Jiang Yuhan and Zheng Yikun, who’ve both been working in the entertainment industry for so many years, made the first two appearances as guests. At least it’s implied that Lu Man’s secret guest is more powerful than them both.”

“How are y’all so sure Lu Man would appear as the third person? Who knows, she might even be the final act.”

“It’s already surprising for her to appear as the third guest. It’s too far-fetched for her to appear for the grand finale. Who could she have invited for the final act?”

“Have y’all forgotten the advertising posters that said guest ‘W’? It must obviously be someone super famous and important for the production team to have placed such emphasis!”

“And the person wouldn’t have been invited by Lu Man. Set your head straight.”

“The third guest is coming out, answers will be revealed soon. Stop arguing!”

Soon, Lin Yantao went on stage.

“My goodness! Lin Yantao’s actually the third! Lu Man’s actually the d*mn grand finale! So the really famous and heavyweight guest was really invited by Lu Man?”

“It has to be, the heavyweight is confirmed to be the last act.”

“My goodness! Lu Man’s unbelievable! Now I’m really curious who she actually invited.”

“Seriously, no matter whether it’s based on experience or influence, I thought that Lin Yantao’s invited guest was the most impressive.”



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