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(Officially Starting)

“I managed to snag a ticket before and came to watch the recording. The live show is nicer to watch and there are many bonus scenes. A lot of the content would be cut out in the version of the show that gets aired.”

“Was the security also so strict when you came previously? Even phones cannot be brought in?”

“No, that didn’t happen. I could bring my phone in when I came last time. I have friends who came before as well for other episodes, but they didn’t need to hand in their phones either.”

“Then why are they so strict this time?”

“I’m guessing the mystery guests for this episode must be especially impressive.”

“True. This show has always treated the secrecy of the mystery guests with high importance. There has been no news of any leaks for this season so far, but the previous two seasons had, especially for the finale episodes, where a lot of things were leaked.”

“Did you have to sign a confidentiality agreement for the episode you went to previously?”

“Yeah. It seems as if for this season, the production team has learned their lesson from the previous two seasons and decided that every episode should come with a confidentiality agreement.”

“I remember now. For the episode which Lu Man shot previously, netizens were avidly discussing who the mystery guests would be. The audience that had already watched the recording knew who the mystery guests were, but none of them spoke a word about it.”

“Yeah. It was because of that confidentiality agreement, that’s why no one dared to say it.”

“That episode did not collect people’s phones, right?”

“I think so. I didn’t hear anyone complaining online during that episode. I will definitely go online and complain about handing in our phones after the recording today.”

“Yeah, I just bought a new phone this year. It’s pretty expensive, but it got taken away just like that.”

“Yet you still came in to watch? Your love for this show is real.”

“I’m just curious.”

“I’m also pretty curious. I really don’t know who they invited this time for them to make it such a big deal.”

At this moment, the lights in the venue dimmed, leaving only the lights on the stage on.

It was at this moment that one of the staff led Xia Qingwei to the most central seat in the first row of the audience seats discreetly.

It was so low-key that no one noticed.

The countdown began on the big screen.




The numbers flipped and sponsorship advertisements started to play on screen, as well as the show’s opening scene.

After that, sound from the backstage rang out. “Let us welcome the emcee, Fan Yue!”

The big screen split into two, revealing the walkway.

Fan Yue walked out and greeted, “Hello, everyone, welcome to Classic X Files, proudly sponsored by the fantaX10 phone! I am the emcee, Fan Yue!”

The audience was cooperative and clapped enthusiastically.

“This episode is the finale episode for Classic X Files. We will be airing the show for a special extended duration of two hours!”

The audience was shocked. “Two hours?”

“That’s so long!”

“Looks like the production team this time is really prepared! I wonder who the mystery guests they invited are!”

The guests were expected as the production team had already publicized the names of the guest artistes before the recording.

“First, let us welcome our teacher from the Classics team!” Fan Yue said.

The actors from classic television shows in the past came out one by one and introduced themselves.

“Next, let us welcome our guests from the Challenge team, Jiang Yuhan!”

“Lu Man!”

“Lin Yantao!”

The three of them went up in this sequence. No matter how unhappy Jiang Yuhan was about Lu Man entering the stage after her, she still maintained a smile on stage.

The first few segments at the start of the show were regular segments that did not have anything out of the ordinary.

Lin Yantao’s stylish image and flirting skills were not bad, making the female audience members at the scene scream and exclaim endlessly for him.




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