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(Cursing from Excitement)

Was Lu Dongliu an idiot?

As the director of a popular variety show, doesn’t he even have the most basic ability to make a judgment?

He chose Lu Man and not him?

He must be crazy!

It could not be that in Lu Dongliu’s eyes, he was not worth as much as Lu Man, right?


He would surely remember this grudge!


To reassure Lu Dongliu, Lu Man did not hide the identity of her mystery guest like she did previously. Instead, she contacted Lu Dongliu first.

“Director Lu,” said Lu Man.

“Lu Man, why did you call? Did you meet with some kind of trouble?” The first thing Lu Dongliu thought of was whether Liang Chengbing had made trouble for Lu Man such that she could not attend the show.

The next thing he thought of was whether Lu Man had trouble finding a mystery guest.

After all, given Lu Man’s current state, her connections were indeed limited.

“No, I didn’t, don’t worry,” Lu Man said with a smile. “I called to tell you that I have already found my mystery guest so that you don’t have to worry. It’s also so that you can prepare the publicity materials in advance.”

“Oh?” Hearing Lu Man’s words, Lu Dongliu immediately got excited. If he needed to prepare the publicity in advance, the status of this guest must definitely be impressive! “Who is the guest you found this time?”

“Wang Juhuai,” Lu Man replied.

“What?” Lu Dongliu thought he had misheard it. He even rubbed his ears and asked again, “Who did you say it is?”

Lu Man could sense Lu Dongliu’s astonishment over the phone and held in her laughter as she said, “It’s Wang Juhuai. You didn’t hear wrongly.”

“What the f*ck!” Lu Dongliu could not hold in his shock and excitement and immediately swore. He almost dropped his phone even. “You’re really talking about… about…”

Lu Dongliu was at the television station right now. He still remembered he needed to keep it a secret, so he did not actually say out the name.

“Yes,” Lu Man said. “So I will have to trouble you to work really hard for the episode’s early publicity. This is his first appearance on variety shows internationally.”

“What the f-…” Lu Dongliu only realized this when Lu Man reminded him of it!

When Wang Juhuai was overseas, he had never attended such shows before.

Not just variety shows, he had never even attended a proper talk show before!

There were many popular talent shows overseas that were way ahead of those within the country in terms of their style and creativity. Hence, a lot of variety shows within the country had also bought the copyrights of those overseas variety shows.

Those extremely popular talent shows that require professional judges had also invited Wang Juhuai before, but Wang Juhuai had rejected all of them.

He never thought that this time, he would actually want to go on their show!

Lu Dongliu was so excited that he wanted to throw his head back and scream into the sky!

He never thought that by helping Lu Man, she would actually be able to pull Wang Juhuai over!

Who else could Lu Man not be able to invite?

Previously, she’d invited Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng, both of whom had never participated in variety shows before as well.

This time, with Wang Juhuai, it was even more impressive. He had never participated in any variety show in the world!

Lu Dongliu knew that ever since Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng participated in that episode, many other shows thought that Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng had relaxed their requirements and decided to participate in variety shows from then on, so they all started sending them invites to their shows.

However, they had all been rejected.

Ever since attending Classic X Files, they went back to not participating in any variety shows again.

Hence, it showed that it was not because both of them had changed their attitudes, it was entirely because they wanted to give Lu Man face.

Aside from Lu Man, no one else could invite them!

Lu Dongliu felt at that time that if he wanted to invite Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng in his future shows, he might have to invite Lu Man first.




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