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(One Beats Three)

“Your kindness has indeed been rewarded!” Chief Lu patted Lu Dongliu’s shoulder and praised him some more.

The show would be aired the day after tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Lu Dongliu and Chief Lu had decided on the length of the show, and then they hurriedly started with the post-production and editing.

The production team also quickly proceeded with their publicity.

Classic X Files Official Weibo: “The Classic X Files finale will be an extended two-hour-long special!”

At the start, they simply stated the hints regarding the mystery guests that Jiang Yuhan, Lin Yantao, and Zheng Yikun had invited.

“Our final mystery guest ‘W’ is a never-seen-before superstar! This upcoming episode of our show will become this mystery’s guest first show ever worldwide! The biggest mystery guest of all three seasons of Classic X Files!”

After that, they added a link to the main page of Classic X Files.

When clicked and the page was loaded, it showed the silhouette of the mystery guest, similar to that of the third episode.

The netizens who saw this preview were a little shocked.

“Oh, damn, it’s the same publicity method as the third episode, the exact same method! Could it be that the mystery guest this time around is even more amazing than Sun Yiwu, Ji Cheng, and Du Lin? One beats three?”

“They’re not playing fair if it really is the guest’s first-ever show worldwide! If they found a bigshot who’s never participated in any variety show in the country, he definitely wouldn’t have participated in any other variety show in the world either.”

“‘W’ covers quite a wide range. There’s Wang, Wu, Wei, Wei[1]. There are honestly too many family names that begin with W.”

“The key is that based on how the production team has been fooling us netizens, ‘W’ might not be a family name. Remember Sun Yiwu, remember Ji Cheng? We were so badly fooled back then!”

“However, think about it, other than the third episode, even for the episodes after the third one, the production team has never used this preview method again. This means that the level of the other guests was indeed not the same as those of Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng. Indeed, the guests that have appeared after that were so-so. However, this time, the production team used the same preview method. No matter whether or not they might have exaggerated about his description, this guest would at least be on par with Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng.”

“I wonder who had invited this guest?”

“Anyway, there are no other shows on Friday either. I’ll just wait for Classic X Files instead of waiting for the Weibo account to reply to me.”

The audience members who watched the recording had signed a confidentiality agreement, so they couldn’t reveal anything.

However, they still couldn’t help but want to flaunt their existence and sense of superiority.

“I’ve watched the recording. I must say, it was so worth it! It was even more impressive than that episode with Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng. We even had to hand in our phones before we entered the set just in case anyone was to secretly take pictures. However, I must say—forget about handing over my phone, even if I’d had to sell my phone away for the ticket, or even if I’d had to pay for the transport fee to fly in if I came over from elsewhere, it would all still have been extremely worth it.”

“I went to watch the recording too. You guys definitely have to watch this episode. If not, you’ll regret it! If you guys don’t find it good, I’ll live-stream myself eating poop!”

“Psh, the person above, you don’t have to go all out, do you?!”

“Is it really that good?”

“Yes! And it’s super worth it! I can’t say much, but this episode’s guest is definitely the most impressive one of all time. The production team isn’t exaggerating.”

“I’m even more curious now. Who exactly is it?”

“Let’s just list down all the family names that start with W and start choosing from there, shall we?”


Just as the discussion was getting all heated up on the Internet, Lu Man and the others had just alighted from the plane.

After collecting their luggage and leaving through the exit, they saw that Han Zhuoli was already standing there and waiting.

Wang Juhuai’s butler Wei Zhong was there too.

“Dad, Mom,” Han Zhuoli called.

Wang Juhuai was also getting pretty used to hearing Han Zhuoli call him “Dad” now.




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