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(Lu Man Takes the Stage)

The first in line was obviously the one with the least influence amongst the three of them.

However, Shen Cang was still considered a recognized actor. No one expected him to come out first.

The audience still thought that the first person to appear on stage would be Lu Man.

“Could it be that the mystery guest Lu Man found is even more impressive than Shen Cang?”

However, after Jiang Yuhan and Shen Cang left the stage and Fan Yue came up to introduce the second pair, it was actually Lin Yantao and Zhang Sen who came out!

“What the f*ck?! What is going on?? If Lin Yantao and Zhang Sen are second, does that mean Lu Man will be the last to come up again?”

“Who did she find this time?”

“Could it be someone comparable to Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng?”

“That’s just too amazing!”

“How did Lu Man do it?”

“It’s starting!”

The audience was still looking forward to watching Lin Yantao and Zhang Sen’s performance very much. Hence, no matter how many questions they had, they still quietened down to watch their performance.

Lin Yantao and Zhang Sen did not disappoint. After the pair finished their performance, the audience clapped enthusiastically for them.

Everyone thought that Jiang Yuhan’s acting skills were not bad among the popular starlets.

After her performance with Shen Cang, the audience did think that she acted pretty well.

However, after they saw Lin Yantao and Zhang Sen’s performance, they did not find Jiang Yuhan’s performance comparable at all!

Luckily, Jiang Yuhan performed before Lin Yantao did, so it was still passable.

If she were placed behind Lin Yantao, then she would really have had no show.

“Who knows who Lu Man invited? Still, though, placing her behind Lin Yantao is really quite a disadvantage for her.”

“Yeah, Lin Yantao’s performance is way too good.”

Fan Yue came up on stage again.

“Why do I feel like Fan Yue feels a little different this time around?”

“He seems unusually confident and pompous. He’s also trembling a little.”

“Wow, you’re really observant.”

Fan Yue took a deep breath and was actually trembling a little. “Next, let us welcome the third pair up on stage!”

Right after saying that, Fan Yue was especially excited when getting off the stage. He almost forgot how to walk!

The lights on stage completely went out.

The staff took the chance when Fan Yue was talking to quickly change the props on stage.

Before the lights went on, the sound of melodious and soothing music, tinged with a hint of melancholy, could be heard playing from a violin.

“Oh my heavens! This sounds amazing!”

“A live violin performance? Is this a soundtrack?!”

“I’m not into music, but I feel that it’s way better than what is considered good.”

“Yeah, just listening to this makes me feel like crying.”

“Oh my, this reminds me of my first love.”

Following that, a single spotlight fell on stage.

“It’s Lu Man!”

That flash of light shone on Lu Man, bringing her into view.

Lu Man was seen standing beside a wooden square table, donning a cheongsam, looking dignified rather than alluring.

The light shone a little on the spot beside her. However, there was no one beside Lu Man.

“How come it’s only Lu Man? Where’s the mystery guest?” The audience was shocked.

Right after that, they heard Lu Man slowly say, “I met you at the best moment. You are my lucky star.”

“Alas, I don’t have time left.”

“It’s not illegal to like someone, but I can only stop at liking.”

Lu Man merely fluttered her eyelids slightly, but every single detail of this could clearly be seen from the big screen behind her.

With these slight movements, her eyes had already reddened.

She seemed calm on the surface but was, in fact, suppressing her emotions deep down. She professed her love after falling in love, but she had to let go of this love from then on.

It brought out her strong pride and fragility borne from love.

On Lu Man’s youthful face, the dilemma and complexity she felt was displayed to their fullest.



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