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(Composure Lost)

Could it be that there were two Mrs. Wangs?

CEO Lin glanced quizzically at Lin Jinshu.

Mrs. He smiled and said, “You didn’t attend the Municipal Dinner since you weren’t at B City previously, so you wouldn’t know. Mr. Wang had come back to celebrate the Spring Festival, so we invited him to the Municipal Dinner. Mr. Wang actually wanted to go back to America so he had no time to attend. But after reuniting with his current wife, he decided not to go back, so he brought his wife to attend the dinner with him.”

If one asked Mrs. He, she was more inclined to believe Xia Qingwei.

That was because Xia Qingwei was personally brought over by Wang Juhuai, who admitted publicly that she’s his wife.

Wang Juhuai had also mentioned that he had divorced his previous wife more than ten years ago.

As a public figure with a huge influence, his words won’t be false if he dared to say it publicly.

Or else it would mean he was treating his reputation and career as a joke.

To bring his mistress to a public event and introduce her as his wife?

Ha, no one would be foolish enough to do this.

And Wang Juhuai definitely did not seem like an idiot.

Certainly, there were artistes who were eccentric and different from ordinary folks.

If Wang Juhuai were really like that, he wouldn’t have taken to Hollywood like a duck to water, much less shone on the global stage.

Those eccentric and self-centered artistes who did not handle relationships well get ousted early on from the industry.

Wang Juhuai had no reason to lie about such things and let people defame him.

“Mr. Wang introduced his wife seriously to us previously, and he even mentioned the journey of how they progressed from knowing each other to loving and marrying one another. It’s just, that person was not Madam Lin.” Mrs. He looked puzzled. “Madam Lin, you…”

Lin Jinshu was taken aback. Wang Juhuai had actually publicly brought out Xia Qingwei as his wife?

But since Wang Juhuai had agreed to cooperate with her, she wasn’t worried.

Lin Jinshu made herself look extremely shocked with her lips trembling in disbelief. “Are you mistaken? I… I never…”

Her facade of one flustered and speechless woman made people pity her.

“I’m not mistaken. Mr. Wang brought her himself. Many of us saw it that day,” Mrs. He said.

“No, no.” Lin Jinshu shook her head in denial. “We’re not divorced, not divorced, how could he marry someone else?”

Lin Jinshu’s eyes slowly became red-rimmed. “He… he wouldn’t…”

Lin Jinshu’s fragile appearance made people want to protect her.

Many guests who had not attended the Municipal Dinner were already convinced by Lin Jinshu.

They felt that it was Wang Juhuai who lied to her, who committed adultery when they hadn’t divorced yet.

While Lin Jinshu had been kept in the dark, not knowing a thing.

Now that it was said out loud in public, it was an embarrassing and hard blow.

Then, they saw Lin Jinshu recover quickly and smile awkwardly. “I’m sorry, I lost my composure.”

“My husband, he… he promised me he’ll come tonight,” Lin Jinshu said. “I think… the misunderstanding can be resolved when he comes. I know you doubt my words, but we have never divorced. Because I had matters to attend to in America, I came to B City after my husband did. I… I never thought that… Over here, he actually… How could this be? Haha, what does he treat me as if he’s like this?”

Lin Jinshu’s struggle to stay strong despite her awkwardness and hurt indeed swayed many unknowing guests to her side.



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