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(A Slap in the Face)

The makeup artist did not say anything. When she was having her makeup touched up, Jiang Yuhan asked again, “I wonder if Lu Man will have time to have her makeup touched up when she comes later.”

After a while, Jiang Yuhan said to Chi Xingrui, “Director Chi, isn’t it almost time? Why don’t you contact Lu Man? She still hasn’t come. It’s fine even if so many of us wait for her here, but we can’t possibly let the audience wait for too long.”

Shen Cang, the guest that Jiang Yuhan brought and the second male lead of Sounds of Winter, also said in displeasure, “Is she some bigshot or what? She hasn’t even made a name for herself and is already put on some airs. Teacher Lin here didn’t even put on airs.”

Lin Yantao almost laughed from anger.

They were the ones who were unhappy with Lu Man—they shouldn’t drag him down with them.

Lin Yantao was used to arriving early lest he gave other people trouble.

This had nothing to do with his status. He was just self-disciplined.

Similarly, having been in the entertainment industry for so long, he had always pursued “Buddhist development”[1] and had never compared or competed with others.

It was out of good intentions that he managed to make a name for himself through this Buddhist development.

He could guess the reason behind Jiang Yuhan and the others’ displeasure with Lu Man this time, but he was not bothered by it.

Although Lu Man’s pay was lower than his, even if it was higher, he would not be bothered by it either.

He did not care how much others were worth. He knew what he was worth. As long as the show paid him what he deserved, he would not have any opinions about it.

Lin Yantao chuckled. “I’m fine with it. Anyway, there’s still some time before the recording, so there’s no need to rush.”

He thought about it and still felt that he had not vented his anger enough, so he added with a faint smile, “Anyway, I’ve waited for you all as well.”

Jiang Yuhan and the others’ expressions changed. They felt a little guilty and did not dare to say anything more.

Although Lin Yantao pursued Buddhist development, he did not really have a “Buddhist temper.”

He had his own temper too.

At that moment, Chief Lu brought Wang Juhuai and the others over and happened to hear what Jiang Yuhan and Lin Yantao said.

Wang Juhuai did not know who Jiang Yuhan was, so he came in first and said politely, “My apologies, we came late.”

Even then, as long as he came, it was just like a crude slap on Jiang Yuhan’s face!

Everyone in the dressing room was dumbfounded.

Lin Yantao stood up in astonishment while Zhang Sen’s mouth fell open in shock.

Jiang Yuhan felt like her organs were about to contort.

She stared at Wang Juhuai, then at Lu Man, and realized that Chief Lu had even personally escorted them!

It made sense. It’s Wang Juhuai, after all. Of course Chief Lu had to accompany them.

Could it be… that Lu Man’s mystery guest was Wang Juhuai?

No, it could be that the production team invited Wang Juhuai. It might not be related to Lu Man!

“Lu Man and Mr. Wang have arrived long ago. I had things to discuss with both of them, so they had been in my office with me earlier,” Chief Lu explained. He glanced at Jiang Yuhan and said, “My apologies, we delayed the time for a while.”

Jiang Yuhan’s lips twitched. She felt as if her mouth was almost paralyzed.

“No… no… I…” She did not know how she should explain herself.

Zheng Yikun quietly heaved a sigh of relief.

He was displeased with Lu Man too and wanted to make things difficult for her at first.

Luckily, he did not have a chance to speak first.

The person with the least stress at the scene was Lin Yantao. He had not spoken a single bad thing at all.

Lin Yantao excitedly walked over with big steps as he said, “Mr. Wang! Nice to meet you!”

He shook hands with Wang Juhuai earnestly, completely turning into a starstruck fan.

After shaking hands, he even clutched his own hand and refused to let go of it, thinking that he had better not wash his hands today.

“I have always been a fan of yours and really love your music. I still have the violin music piece you wrote at home!” Lin Yantao said. “I’ve always wished that I could attend one of your concerts.”

[1] A calm and peaceful development that seeks to avoid conflict as much as possible, to figuratively live like a Buddha.



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