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It was because what Lin Jinshu said at that time was too shocking that they were too absorbed in their astonishment and forgot to ask for her full name.

“Everyone,” Xia Qingwei said to her colleagues and the parents, “my husband and I have proper marriage certificates. My husband and his ex-wife had divorced ten years ago while we got our marriage certificates just a while back. There’s no such problem about being a third party or whatnot. My husband and I are upright and proper. We’re honest wherever we go. We have nothing shameful to hide!”

“I know who that Madam Lin is—she’s my husband’s ex-wife,” Xia Qingwei said. “She hasn’t given up even though they’d been divorced for ten years already, and when she found out that we were married, she came here to ruin my reputation. I hope you parents don’t misunderstand.”

“How can you prove this? You want us to believe you just by your words?” somebody said.

They already had preconceived notions about her.

“You all don’t believe me but choose to believe Lin Jinshu as if she has proof. She said she hadn’t divorced my husband, but I can show you my marriage certificates. Can she?” Xia Qingwei said coolly. “They have a divorce certificate from this country too.”

One of the parents frowned and said, “Even if what you said is true, you could’ve interefered in their marriage first, causing their divorce before marrying him.”

Or else, why would Lin Jinshu still insist that they had yet to divorce?

Precisely because whatever had happened was too big of a blow, so Lin Jinshu refused to accept the truth.

Look what Xia Qingwei had done!

“Ha!” Xia Qingwei sneered. “Did she say who my husband is?”

The person was taken by surprise. “No.”

What did Xia Qingwei mean by her sudden question?

“Is he some famous personality? So if he’s rich and famous, you can be forgiven for destroying someone’s marriage like it’s nothing wrong?” one parent questioned, full of contempt.

That was not what Xia Qingwei actually meant. She just wanted to ascertain if Lin Jinshu said Wang Juhuai’s name.

Even if her words were false, they would still ruin Wang Juhuai’s reputation.

Hence, realizing that Lin Jinshu did not point out Wang Juhuai after asking her question, Xia Qingwei relaxed.

Her fellow teachers in school had no idea who Xia Qingwei’s husband was either.

Previously, they knew that she was single.

After coming back from the Spring Festival break, a ring had appeared on her hand.

They then knew that Xia Qingwei recently got married again.

But they had never seen Xia Qingwei’s husband, and they didn’t know that her husband was Wang Juhuai.

“Director Sun, we don’t accept such teachers!” a parent called out.

Director Sun looked helplessly at Xia Qingwei before sighing. “Since everyone is opposing so strongly, the school will respect your opinions.”

“Ms. Xia, you should take a break first. You can come back when the matter’s been clarified,” Director Sun said.

One parent muttered, “What’s the point of letting her come back? It’s probably not far from the truth since she said it like this. It’s not like people are so free as to come and malign anyone.”

Sadly, Director Sun did not know Xia Qingwei’s husband was Wang Juhuai or she would never have let Xia Qingwei take leave.

It’s free advertisement for Wang Juhuai’s wife to be one of their teachers!

Wouldn’t it be impressive for their school if they managed to get Wang Juhuai to do a couple of open lessons?!



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