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(You Really Like to Just Happily Watch as the Matter Blow up More, Don’t You)

Lu Man was Han Zhuoli’s own wife. It was a matter of fact that her resources would be even better than hers. Yan Zhiqing wasn’t jealous at all.

Han Zhuoli would definitely pump all the resources on Lu Man and support her wholeheartedly.

“When that time comes, let those people take a look and see what it truly means by having a ‘strong backing.'” Yan Zhiqing imagined how the scenario would be like and started chuckling to herself.

Qi Chenglin smiled. “Sigh, you. You really like to just happily watch as the matter blow up more, don’t you?”

“So what?” Yan Zhiqing couldn’t be bothered with all of that.

Ever since her debut, there had been a never-ending stream of insults and nasty words thrown at her.

Stuff like how her success was completely because of her family and all sorts of negative comments.

Even until now, there was a still a group of people who looked down on her.

But had she ever cared?

Not at all.

Therefore, she wasn’t afraid of it blowing up at all.

She was exceptionally excited to see the look on the faces of those people once they found out how strong Lu Man’s backing was. It would be so exciting.

The main purpose of today was to introduce Lu Man and Yan Zhiqing to each other.

Both of them exchanged all sorts of contact methods, such as phone numbers, Weibo accounts, etc.


On Thursday, Xing Ke Station also released the publicity for Friday (with the Stars).

As expected, Liang Chengbing was the center of attention this time and was the focus of the publicity.

Perhaps Xing Ke Station also wanted to follow the same style as Classic X Files. Other than Liang Chengbing, there was still Lu Hancheng, the male lead of Sounds of Winter.

In China, Lu Hancheng had a large following of fans. He was extremely popular.

There was also a locally-renowned pianist. He had even done a world tour and had a decent amount of fame on the international stage.

Park Sungjae, the male lead of a popular Korean drama that was highly popular in China right now and who had garnered a large number of female fans, was here too.

Despite the gradually fading popularity of Korean dramas these last two years, there were still some handsome Korean oppas who managed to garner a large number of Chinese fans because of their looks, and they even had a large number of crazy fans.

Among these four guests, Lu Hancheng even had less fans than Park Sungjae did.

Many fans of Park Sungjae were so crazy that they would actually tightly follow his schedule and follow him around the world.

Naturally, they had already known since long ago through the Park Sungjae China Fan Club that he was going to take part in Friday (with the Stars). Hence, they were eagerly anticipating it.

When the official publicity was out, all the fans went crazy.

“I must support Hubby Sungjae! I must watch Friday (with the Stars)!”

“I’ve watched the live recording of Friday (with the Stars), it was very good! Sungjae is so handsome!”

“I support my Hancheng, my Hancheng is so handsome too!”

“Looks like Classic X Files is going head-on against Friday (with the Stars). I don’t care, I have to support Friday (with the Stars). Who even are those people that Classic X Files had invited? I’m completely not interested.”

“Right, right, right. Classic X Files‘s lineup seems so boring. Let’s watch Friday (with the Stars) instead!”

Some of Classic X Files‘s fans were unhappy. “I have nothing against you supporting Friday (with the Stars) because you like your own idols, but can you not trash other shows? You can happily like whoever you want to, but what’s up with trashing other people? This isn’t you liking your idols, this is you attracting hate for your idols!”

At Xing Ke Station, in Chief Hu’s office.

Chief Hu had personally taken part in the filming of this episode of Friday (with the Stars).

Since he found out that Classic X Files had hired Lu Man, Chief Hu had given harsh orders to Friday (with the Stars). He definitely wanted to make the finale of Classic X Files have terrible ratings.



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