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(Lu Man Brought Them to Their Knees)

The surroundings were all dark. Lu Man looked as if she came out of a painting in that moment, looking so beautiful that it was breathtaking.

Finally, a single tear slowly rolled down from her right eye. However, even so, her expression remained restrained and calm.

After that teardrop rolled down, she stopped crying and slowly lowered her eyelids to hide the sadness in her eyes.

She had finished her script, but the show was still ongoing.

The lights had yet to come on on stage.

The audience was puzzled. “What’s going on? It’s not over yet?”

“Where’s the mystery guest? How come it’s only Lu Man from start to end? Where’s the mystery guest?”

At this moment, another spotlight fell on the stage, illuminating a single corner.

It was only then that the audience saw a graceful middle-aged man playing the violin at the corner of the stage.

The violin accompaniment for Lu Man just now was played by this very man.

Finally, Wang Juhuai moved.

He slowly walked towards the center of the stage, where Lu Man was. The music from the violin never once stopped.

“Why do I feel like this violinist looks a little familiar?”

“I think he looks familiar too.”

“Oh my god!” one member of the audience exclaimed.

“That scared me!”

“What happened? What happened?”

“It’s Wang Juhuai!” The lady that had exclaimed just then trembled excitedly and was close to tears. “I… I play the violin. I never thought… I never thought that I will actually be able to listen to Wang Juhuai’s performance live.”

As the young lady said that, she actually really started crying.

Another young lady beside her passed her a tissue as the crying lady continued, “I wanted to go overseas to further my studies. I thought that if I had a chance, I could attend one of his concerts. Wuuwuwu!”

“Is that really Wang Juhuai?” Some of the audience members were dumbstruck.

“Of course! He’s my idol. I’ve always had his picture pasted on my wall. How could I not recognize him?!”

“Alright, stop talking. Didn’t we all think the music from this violinist was really nice just now?”

“I remember in the original movie soundtrack, the starting accompaniment for this part is the piano, right?”

“I think so.”

“But changing it to a violin doesn’t sound odd at all. In fact, it adds a deeper layer to it.”

“That’s true. Let’s see who it is.”

“Why do I feel like this sounds better than the original?”

“That’s because the original movie could not invite Wang Juhuai.”

Finally, the music came to an end and the stage was fully illuminated.

Fan Yue rushed up on stage in excitement and said, “That’s right. Our last mystery guest is Wang Juhuai, Mr. Wanggggg!”

Fan Yue was almost shouting it out. He dragged on and emphasized the last word and almost broke his voice on it.

“My goodness! It’s really Wang Juhuai!”

“Oh my god! Lu… Is Lu Man going to heaven or what?! How on earth did she invite Wang Juhuai!”

“Oh my god, I’m so agitated I’m going to cry. I don’t play the violin but I feel like crying too!”

“Lu Man invited Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng last time. I thought they were already the best in the country. No matter who she invited this time, the person would not have as strong an effect as the previous time. Who would’ve known! She actually invited Wang Juhuai!”

“Is Lu Man still human? Is she human? Is there anything she can’t do?”

“I concede defeat. Lu Man really brought me to my knees!”

Fan Yue excitedly ushered Wang Juhuai and Lu Man to the center of the stage and said, “I believe the audience members are all extremely shocked. Mr. Wang actually appeared on our stage. To be honest, I am extremely surprised too!”

At this moment, the audience would usually laugh for a bit.

However, everyone was still so shocked that they could not utter a word. Every single person just stared at them wide-eyed. No one could be bothered to laugh right then.



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