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(Nothing to Do with Them at All)

However, judging from Wang Juhuai’s words, why did it sound like he was invited by Lu Man?

Could it be that he was really the mystery guest invited by Lu Man?!

Jiang Yuhan’s expression changed drastically at this.

She stared dead at Lu Dongliu until he could sense Jiang Yuhan’s piercing gaze on him.

Lu Dongliu was still very confused. Why was Jiang Yuhan staring at him like this?

That look was so expectant, as if hoping that he would say something.

Lu Dongliu did not know what Jiang Yuhan expected him to say, but he remembered what Wang Juhuai asked him to say.

Hence, in front of everybody, Lu Dongliu told Fan Yue, “Brother Yue, when we’re recording later, Mr. Wang’s wish is that we can focus the topics on Lu Man. As he is Lu Man’s mystery guest, Lu Man is still the main lead. Mr. Wang doesn’t want us to put the spotlight on him this time.”

The effect of the mystery guest was supposed to be a surprise and was slotted as the last segment of the show. This was to prevent the mystery guests from taking the limelight away from the main guests.

Hence, no matter what, it would not have much of an impact on Lu Man.

“Also, Mr. Wang will be performing a song live tonight. Don’t worry about the length of the show. We will discuss and settle the duration of the finale episode after the recording,” Lu Dongliu said. “Chief Lu means that the finale episode will be made into a special extended episode and will ask the other shows to cooperate with us first. So, Brother Yue, you need to maintain the tempo of the show, but you don’t need to keep track of the time.”

Jiang Yuhan was surprised. She never expected her luck to be so good.

She came to attend the finale episode, which would be extending its airtime.

With Wang Juhuai around, the viewership ratings would surely break the records.

This was definitely a chance for her to increase her popularity!

Zheng Yikun glanced sideways at the elated look on Jiang Yuhan’s face and thought to himself that Jiang Yuhan still had not fully grasped the situation.

The production team did not intend to extend the airtime for the show originally, so why did they suddenly decide to do it?

Wasn’t this because they suddenly realized that Wang Juhuai came to participate in the show?

That time was specially added for Wang Juhuai.

Even if there was extra screentime, it was for Wang Juhuai. With Wang Juhuai around, Lu Man would also get a fair share of screentime as well.

As for the others?


It had nothing much to do with them at all.

Jiang Yuhan was still overwhelmed with joy. Who knew what she was getting excited about.

Another makeup artist reminded them, “Let me put on the makeup for both of you first.”

“Yes, yes. Put on the makeup first.” Lu Dongliu was also reminded of this just then.

Wang Juhuai waved his hand off and said, “Just do it for Man Man, leave me out of this. I’m not used to putting on these things.”

No one dared to go against Wang Juhuai’s wishes. As long as he did not go overboard with his requests, no one would force him.

If Wang Juhuai did not want to put on makeup, no one would insist that he did.

Hence, only Lu Man went to let the makeup artist put on makeup for her.

When she was almost done, Chi Xingrui, who had previously gone to manage the situation at the reception area, came back and told everyone, “It’s almost time. Another 15 minutes more and we should officially start. Most of the audience had already been seated. I will go and interact with the audience members in a bit and shoot some special features, after which it should be time.”

Meanwhile, the audience had already entered the venue.

“What’s going on this time around? The security and checks are so strict.”

“Yeah. Did you sign that confidentiality agreement?”

Some of the audience members came in groups, but because of the competitive registration process, most of the audience members came on their own. They got to know each other after talking to the people beside them and exchanging the information they knew.

“I signed it. Why are the requirements so strict this time? We need to sign a confidentiality agreement and will even be fined if we flout the agreement. I almost didn’t dare to come. However, I did not want to waste the ticket that I had painstakingly secured and was reluctant to give it up just like this, so I signed it grudgingly. I just won’t say anything at most.”




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