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“Oh right, it’s the same this time. We need to find a mystery guest. However, since we are inviting the popular guests from our past episodes for the finale episode, each artiste only needs to find one mystery guest.” Lu Dongliu did not mention trying to help Lu Man find a guest.

No matter whom he found, he would not be able to find someone with a reputation comparable to that of either Sun Yiwu or Ji Cheng.

However, Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng had both attended the show before.

They could come on the show again, but the effect would surely be hugely discounted.

No matter how close they were with Lu Man, they might not be willing to attend the show again.

After all, both of them were big-name directors. If they attended too many of these events, it would easily reduce their prestige.

Furthermore, given Lu Man’s sharp wit, she would definitely not overuse Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng like this.

He just did not know who Lu Man would find this time.

“Alright, rest assured,” Lu Man agreed. “I will definitely find a suitable person.”

Having worked with Lu Man a few times, Lu Dongliu trusted her without second thoughts.

Even though he knew that Lu Man did not know a lot of people, Lu Dongliu had a strange hunch that Lu Man would be able to surprise the audience this time around, given how she managed to find Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng previously.

“You gave up Liang Chengbing to help me and even have to offend him. I can’t promise other things, but I will definitely promise you results regarding the viewership ratings for the finale episode,” Lu Man said. “At the very least, it won’t be worse than if Liang Chengbing were attending.”

“Haha, I can definitely be assured with your words,” Lu Dongliu said with a laugh. “You don’t have to worry on my end, it’s not as serious as you think it is.”

Although Lu Dongliu said that, Lu Man did not really believe him.

She solemnly thanked Lu Dongliu before ending the call.

Not long after Lu Dongliu agreed with Lu Man, the production team of the show sent the contract to Hu Zhonghui.

Lu Dongliu did not tell Liang Chengbing that he was not going to work with him either.

Anyway, both of them did not agree on anything. Furthermore, since he was already going to offend Liang Chengbing, Lu Dongliu would not purposely contact him again and bear a scolding from Liang Chengbing over the phone.

At this time, Lu Dongliu still did not know how much benefits maintaining good ties with Lu Man would bring him.

When he found out later on, he would constantly feel sentimental about how rational his choice had been back then.

After she ended the call, Lu Man was fed a strawberry by Han Zhuoli, who said, “A new job came in?”

“Yeah.” Lu Man told him about Lu Dongliu as well as Liang Chengbing’s incident.

She was about to be banned by Liang Chengbing—of course she had to seek help from Mr. Boss!

Han Zhuoli laughed sarcastically. “He’s tired of living.”

“You don’t have to worry about him,” Han Zhuoli said. “His new movie is about to be released. Next time, every movie he shoots, I will make it fail. What’s that nonsense about the ban? His words are useless.”

When Han Zhuoli finished talking, he gave Zheng Tianming a call. “The Han Corporation won’t invest in or produce any of Liang Chengbing’s films in the future. Send down the orders in advance in case there are people who don’t know and accept Liang Chengbing’s investment proposal.”

Hence, before Liang Chengbing could ban Lu Man, he had already been banned by Han Zhuoli.

Zheng Tianming did not know what Liang Chengbing did, but he was 80 to 90% sure he had offended Lu Man.

Zheng Tianming immediately agreed.

Han Zhuoli ended the call and Lu Man said, “Are there any artistes in the Han Corporation that can have their schedules freed out?”

If Lu Man asked, Han Zhuoli would surely not find a B-list or C-list artiste for her. The person had to be at least an A-lister.



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