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(Contacting Relevant Parties)

Wang Juhuai gave a sigh of relief before laughing bitterly. “I haven’t done anything to protect you as a Dad. It’s you instead who have to protect me first.”

“We’re a family. Aren’t we supposed to look out for each other?” Lu Man smiled warmly. “Moreover, you both are the involved parties and can’t see the whole picture clearly. Because you care for each other, you’re afraid that the other party will get hurt, and this is holding you back while Lin Jinshu’s making use of this point. I’m more clear-headed than you are when it comes to this.”

Done speaking, Lu Man called Tang Zi.

“Man Man!” Tang Zi was excited to have received Lu Man’s call.

During the Chinese New Year, Lu Man had gone to his parents’ home to pay her respects and new year wishes.

He’d managed to get employed by Nan Yin and become an official reporter only because of Lu Man.

A paparazzi might earn much, but it’s hard-earned money and, sometimes, even his life was on the line.

When he’s always exposing scandals about famous personalities, who’s to know when he would be targeted?

His parents constantly worried about him, not only because being a paparazzi sounded like an unrespectable job but also because it was dangerous.

Thanks to Lu Man, Tang Zi became an official reporter who wrote about the society and important news—proper news, that is—and Tang Zi’s parents were delighted, no longer hung up about his job.

It was not completely disadvantageous for Tang Zi to have been a paparazzi before.

He worked harder and could endure more than everyone else.

After the New Year festivities, he got promoted, and now, Tang Zi’s parents held their heads high when they’re outside.

They were also no longer abashed when speaking to relatives during the New Year.

“Heard you got promoted. Congrats!” Lu Man said as she smiled.

“Heh! No need for such politeness between us!” Tang Zi waved his hand while holding his phone with the other.

“I need your help,” Lu Man said.

“Go on.”

“Will Nan Yin send a reporter to the dinner tonight at Sheng Yue? The one Mayor He is attending?” Lu Man asked.

“Yes, but since this is just a regular dinner, there’s usually nothing worth reporting. We only send the reporter there just in case. But usually, we send the greenhorns, the inexperienced reporters. An intern reporter is going over tonight,” Tang Zi explained.

“There’s going to be breaking news tonight,” Lu Man said. “You better send someone more experienced there because a novice wouldn’t be able to react on time.”

“What news?!” Tang Zi was energized the moment he heard that.

Every time Lu Man leaked information to him and said that there’s to be big news, it was indeed never small.

“Something to do with my dad,” Lu Man said. “We’ll be exposing his private affairs, including his marriage.”

“Wait, isn’t your dad that Lu Qiyuan? What’s worth reporting about him?” Tang Zi had yet to get around to it.

Lu Man laughed exasperatedly. “Are you still dazed from the joy of promotion? Lu Qiyuan’s still recovering from his brain hemorrhage in the hospital! Furthermore, would I care much about his matters? It’s my stepdad!”

“Oh, oh.” Tang Zi naturally knew about Wang Juhuai being Lu Man’s stepfather. He even heard Lu Man comment on how Xia Qingwei had such fortune. “Wait! Something to do with Uncle?”

“His ex-wife is making trouble, so tonight will be entertaining. I’m telling it only to you. Make sure this doesn’t get leaked out and give Lin Jinshu the time to react. Tonight’s matter is extremely important. It’s about my parents,” Lu Man said seriously.

Tang Zi got serious too and, remembering that he did not reveal Wang Juhuai’s name just now, heaved a sigh of relief.



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