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(The Shameless Is Invincible)

The netizens were presently still sunned at Wang Juhuai’s sudden Weibo post.

Although it happened tonight at the dinner, the netizens had had no idea.

They had not caught wind of it.

The Net suddenly became flurried with activity. “What did Wang Juhuai mean by this?”

“What dinner? Any kind souls who know about this, care to spill?”

“I smell gossip.”

“Search no further, Nan Yin just published an article!”

It turned out to be y Tang Zi, who quickly snapped a few close-ups of Lin Jinshu’s twisted grimace and immediately wrote an article before posting it to Weibo. He dared not dilly-dally.

If he were slower, someone else would have seized the chance to publish the headlines.

Nan Yin headlines: “CEO of LYNN Company, Lin Jinshu, gets slapped by Wang Juhuai publicly for falsely claiming to be his wife at the investment dinner held by Sheng Yue tonight.”

It was followed by a video and three close-up shots of Lin Jinshu’s twisted face.

Because of Lu Man’s advance notice, Tang Zi was able to publish this news instantly.

While the other reporters were crowded around Lin Jinshu before the dinner ended, Tang Zi had already exited the crowd and seized the opportunity to churn out this news.

“My God, what a shameless woman!”

“Who’s that Qingwei that Wang Juhuai mentioned?”

“Don’t know, that’s not important. The main focus is on Lin Jinshu, okay?”

“No wonder Wang Juhuai is so infuriated. Divorced for ten whole years and yet the ex-wife still refused to give up and kept hanging on to him, even brazenly claiming to be his wife while slandering his current wife. Anyone else would be angry too.”

“Lin Jinshu didn’t refute it when Wang Juhuai said she threatened him. Must be true, then.”

“Goodness, how shameless! ‘The shameless is invincible’—that describes Lin Jinshu perfectly!”

“I think the reason they divorced is because Lin Jinshu’s too shameless.”

“Haha, see if Lin Jinshu can continue going around maligning others!”

Wang Juhuai saw the news when he was on the way home.

Right away, “Eight Skin Entertainment” released another satire Weibo post accompanied with pictures and captions.

And Lin Jinshu had yet to see all of these.

She was still trapped at the dinner, surrounded by reporters.

“Go away!” Lin Jinshu fumed. “I have nothing to explain!”

“This is my private affair!” Lin Jinshu said as she pushed at the reporters, desperate to dash out.

But she appeared pathetic being blocked by reporters.

Her earlier elegance was gone, replaced with an ugly rage.

Her carefully styled hair now utterly messed up, not one inch of gracefulness was left on her; she just looked like a crazy woman.

Right then, Lin Jinshu saw the one who brought her here and hurriedly called out, “CEO Lin! CEO Lin, help me!”

CEO Lin was furious. Why would he be willing to help her?


He treated her as a friend, introducing her to people of importance in B City. Yet she lied to him and made him into a joke!


When Wang Juhuai reached Yi Garden, Han Zhuoli was there too.

Wang Juhuai smiled. Han Zhuoli was really his wife’s shadow; wherever Lu Man was, he would be there as well.

“Everything’s settled,” Wang Juhuai told Xia Qingwei. “No need to worry.”

“I saw the Weibo posts already.” Xia Qingwei took the coat he took off.

When she saw the video, she felt for Wang Juhuai. An artist who’s usually courteous and elegant, he actually had to shout at Lin Jinshu publicly.

No wonder Lu Man kept reminding him to not feel embarrassed.

“All thanks to Man Man.” Wang Juhuai heaved a sigh of relief. “Your reaction was so fast. From the moment I ripped apart Lin Jinshu’s lies to the headlines published online, and then to have marketing accounts publish satire images, everything was done within half an hour. Now Lin Jinshu can’t react and save her public image even if she wishes to.”



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